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From: Donny Davies <woodchip@g.o>
To: gentoo-core@g.o
Cc: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] HEADS UP: Twitching to un-arch-mask Apache2
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 21:45:44
Message-Id: 20030622214532.GA25405@breccia.escarpment
1 Hi Devs,
3 The time has come (slightly overdue) to make Apache2 the default
4 version on Gentoo. Because it is still ~arch masked, you only
5 get it "by default" if you run the "unstable" flavour around here.
7 I'm sure most of you know that distros like RedHat and Mandrake
8 (plus undoubtedly several others) give you this version by default,
9 and provide Apache1 packages for those who still want it.
11 On Gentoo Apache1 and Apache2 install to separate SLOTS, so you
12 may have both installed at the same time. If you configure your
13 webserver accordingly (we dont do _everything_ for you ;-)) you
14 may run both at the same time, affording you the opportunity to
15 migrate your server, and not simply cut-over.
17 In a perfect world there'd be no issues at all, and this email
18 wouldnt be required. Having said that, I encourage you all to
19 install Apache2, migrate your configuration and leave Apache1
20 behind. Basically this is your opportunity to provide feedback,
21 an advanced warning, as it were.
23 Help us to understand where we are and where we're going with
24 this. We're a little behind on this upgrade, so let's get moving.
26 Donny.
29 --
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