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From: Tibor Rudas <a9101556@××××××××××××××.at>
To: gentoo-dev@××××××××××.org
Subject: [gentoo-dev] building problems [continued...]
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 02:51:32
1 Hello
3 I'm still experiencing problems when trying to build gentoo from scratch.
4 To summarize the core of my problem: I want to build a little network
5 using gentoo. But: all machines are CD-less. So installing the
6 exclusive-bin version (for me) seems to be a nontrivial task.
8 I once succeeded (thanks to x86 on #gentoo) by using a different
9 linux's boot disk which provided me with NFS, chroot and working
10 internet connection to build gentoo from the 1.0_rc5-r4 build
11 image.
13 But since then I was not able to reproduce this success.
15 With the 1.0_rc5-r4 build image I end up getting the same
16 problems Marius Brueggemann got (bootstrap complaining,
17 seems to be the lvm related problem already reported to this
18 list).
20 When I extract build-ix86-1.0_rc6-r4.tbz2 I can neither
21 do env-update nor emerge rsync both complaining about
22 make.profile not being where it should.
24 Using build-ix86-1.0_rc6-r4.tbz2 and portage-20010827.tar.bz2
25 I could complete the bootstrap but emerge system first stopped
26 on building diffutils complaining about makeinfo missing.
27 After manually emerging texinfo I could resume emerge system
28 but it stops again with netkit-telnet:
29 make[1]: g++: command not found.
31 Is there a better way to get gentoo on a CD-less machine
32 (are there gentoo boot-floppies? Maybe the problem arises
33 from the fact that I'm chrooting from a different system)?
34 Or am I doing something seriously wrong?
36 regards
38 Tibor Rudas


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