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From: Ryan <ryan@×××××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] xmms-mp123 pluggin
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 03:59:52
1 Gentoo is an OS that lets you install anything you want which is great,
2 but I ran across a problem with this today because of the lack of a
3 description on an xmms pluggin. Here is a link to a forum that has a
4 good description of the problem.
8 My problem was that I've never installed xmms and have it NOT be able to
9 play .pls files on the web before. Therefore I had NO CLUE which
10 pluggin gave me this support. I also found that there was no webpage
11 anywhere that even describes what mpg123 does. Since this pluggin is
12 installed by default on just about every mainstream distro known to man,
13 there were NO reports of the error that I was getting. The error report
14 said I was missing a pluggin, but it didnt say which, and therefore I
15 was left out in the cold to try to find the right one. So, I started
16 looking through the portage files with anything that had xmms in the
17 descrpition/name and I came up with nothing. I then resorted to looking
18 on google for my error and I got SUPER lucky with 1 single hit, and had
19 it not been for this guys post just 2 weeks ago, I'd have been racking
20 my head with this problem for weeks.
22 Long story short, the xmms-mp123 plugin description needs to be updated
23 to something other than "Xmms Plugin: xmms-mpg123". Thats a pretty
24 useless description if you ask me. I noticed that almost all of the
25 xmms plugins were the same way except a few. Most dont need a
26 description since the filenames pretty much give it away, but this one
27 was an exception. mpg123 has nothing to do with .pls playlist files. I
28 consider this a minor Gentoo flaw than anything else.
30 I would have never figured this out on my own in a million years. Who
31 would have thought that adding a file called mpg123 would allow you to
32 play .pls files? Anyone? Am I just plain stupid or does this make any
33 sense at all? It was playing mp3's just fine that I had on my HD, but
34 it wouldnt play the .pls files until I installed the mpg123 plugin.
36 I dont know who the maintainer for this plugin is (I didnt want to send
37 out 10 emails to the people in the changelog either) so here I am.
39 BTW, Gentoo is by far the best Linux distro once it's installed.
40 Getting it installed would be a nightmare for any new linux user, but
41 after that, it's got everything you could imagine in the portage files
42 which is a real nice feature. I didnt think that having porthole being
43 marked as masked was very good though. It's a great app for searching
44 the portage dir without having to be online or use command line. I'm
45 still trying to figure out easier ways to unmask things. Right now, the
46 syntax for it is horrid.
48 Other than that, I'm quite happy with my conversion from Mandrake to
49 Gentoo experience. I've been using linux now for about 9 years (the
50 last 6 months of that as my desktop, the rest as a server platform). I
51 see Linux being a viable desktop OS that has 30-40% of the market share
52 in less than 4 years and from all the distro's I've tried, Gentoo has
53 been the best Desktop viable linux simply because of portage compared to
54 any of the other binary based pkg systems.
55 --
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