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From: Max Kalika <max@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: Bumpage
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 14:00:17
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1 [please keep these on the list]
3 Quoting Giovanni Bobbio <giovanni@×××××××××××××××××××.it>:
5 >> I also fixed a buglet in media-libs/libdv by requiring
6 >> gtk+-1.2* because it doesn't configure without it.
8 > This doesn't work for people who like me have a USE="-gtk" flag. So maybe
9 > this is a workaround but I wouldn't call it a fix. Not to mention that I
10 > don't understand what gtk has to do with finding the Xv lib, or failing
11 > to find it.
13 Ahem. I'm one of those people who has USE=-gtk. That doesn't mean you'll
14 _never_ get gtk on your machine. It just means that if a package you're
15 installing has _optional_ support for gtk, that support will be disabled.
16 If you install xmms, for example, you'll find gtk being pulled in as well,
17 no matter what you have in your USE flags. However, in this case, this
18 support isn't optional in the package's build system. It simply doesn't
19 configure without gtk (or gtk-config, rather).
21 I'm not sure what you mean about the Xv lib.
23 > Do you think it's appropriate to file a report in bugzilla for this? I'll
24 > gladly do it if you think so.
26 If you have a suggested fix to make gtk optional.
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