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From: Todd Berman <tberman@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Announcing a new developer (belatedly)
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 23:26:43
1 As many of you might have noticed, the issue of develop announcements
2 has come up. I was somewhat lax in announcing my quasi-padawan Aether
3 (Jason Mobarak).
5 I say quasi because a potential dev-java developer was stolen right out
6 from under my nose by evil evil Seemant Kulleen and Aether's distinct
7 love of python. And I will never admit his distaste for Java factored
8 into it in the least, because, it didn't.
10 However, before he was ripped from the wonders that is Java development,
11 Aether managed to put together a brand spanking new java-config ( in
12 python though *grr* ). It solves many issues with the old sh
13 java-config, and it allows easy expansion of java-config. In fact, the
14 core could potentially be used as a base for all the -config tools
15 (distcc, gcc, etc) as it seems very extensible.
17 Aether also hails from our very own Daniel Robbins' home town. He is a
18 second year CS student at UNM. And according to him he enjoys long walks
19 in the moonlight, and candle-lit dinner.
21 As I type this Seemant (evil, hss, boo, etc) is most likely typing out
22 an introduction that pretends he never stole Aether, or some other such
23 nonsense. I suggest you ignore his email, as it is most likely full of
24 half-truths and other such things.
26 --Todd
28 PS - DISCLAIMER, ETC : This is a joke, just in case anyone missed it,
29 except for what Aether did. Oh, and the parts about Seemant ;P


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