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From: Craig Andrews <candrews@g.o>
To: Gentoo Dev <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Cc: luke-jr+git@×××××××.org
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Require opt-in for bitcoin upgrade?
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2021 15:42:38
1 Gentoo currently has a number of packages required to run a bitcoin node
2 in its tree, including:
3 * net-libs/libbitcoinconsensus
4 * net-p2p/bitcoin-qt
5 * net-p2p/bitcoind
7 In version 0.21.1, bitcoin included a consensus algorithm changed call
8 taproot. There is no configuration opt-in with this change; bitcoin <
9 0.21.1 does not include taproot, bitcoin >= 0.21.1 does include taproot.
11 A PR [1] was created the bitcoin packaging proxy maintainer (Like
12 Dash-Jr, CC'ed) for the bitcoin 0.21.1 version bump. In that PR, Luke
13 insists that users must explicitly opt-in to the bitcoin 0.21.1 upgrade
14 because of the taproot consensus algorithm change. I encourage
15 interested parties to read the conversation in that PR to get the full
16 context.
18 * This is a minor version bump (assuming semver, this is the "patch"
19 level version change in bitcoin), indicating that upstream does not
20 consider this to be a major/breaking change.
21 * Upstream does not have a mechanism for notifying users or requiring
22 them to opt-in to this change
23 * Upstream does not have a mechanism to opt out of this change. The
24 users only option is to develop their own fork of the bitcoin software
25 or never upgrade the package if they want to avoid taproot.
26 * Taproot was locked by miners, so the network will be upgrading [2]
28 Therefore, I have a few questions for the fellow Gentoo developers:
29 1) Should we require users to explicitly opt-in to this upgrade beyond
30 the usual?
31 2) If so, how do we do that? I have been unable to find any
32 documentation or examples of existing packages that require explicit
33 upgrade opt-in. A REQUIRED_USE or a LICENSE [3] were suggested as well
34 as PROPERTIES="interactive" [4], but such approaches seem like
35 unintended/unconventional abuses of those settings as well as annoying
36 to the user.
38 My suggested approach was to notifying the user of the change in the
39 pkg_pretend phase [5] so they're aware before they actually upgrade;
40 however, the proxy maintainer disagreed and force a revert. [6]
42 Thank you for your consideration and assistance with this issue,
43 ~Craig
46 [1]
47 [2]
48 [3]
49 [4]
50 [5]
52 [6]


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