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From: Jan Wells <jwells@×××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] vile and more
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 12:01:02
1 One day I'll change distros. Your is in the running for sure. A big
2 deal for an old guy who is sometimes all thumbs, but I'm thinking along
3 those lines. I was pleased to see that vile/xvile is included among
4 your packages. Hurray for that (though the maintainer is past due for a
5 new version, seems to me). icewm and xfce? I don't know whether I'll
6 end up with icewm mostly or xfce mostly, but I use each of those more
7 than either gnome or kde. Ted (an .rtf "notepad") seems to be missing.
8 I use Ted lots. Python 2.2 -- is that not a worry? I cannot cite
9 specifics, but some items I've got now don't like the latest Python.
11 Indeed, dependency issues have become a big deal here. I've been
12 running Mandrake and can't resist grabbing stuff off the shelves at
13 Madrake Cooker. For the most part, and until recently, all was well.
14 Now there's an awful, catch-22 issue with libpng or some such. Probably
15 you are dealing with the same nightmare? I do like trying the latest
16 and greatest of this or that; but messing up the installation here I do
17 not like. gentoo would help alleviate the problem?
19 You're using grub. Here, multi-boot is achieved via System Commander,
20 with lilo residing under /boot on the second of my two SCSI drives. The
21 arrangement causes grief with kernel updates. Or in my hands, it does.
22 How would gentoo react to being installed on the second drive, I
23 wonder? grub would need to be installed on the first partion of the
24 first drive (along with three DOSs plus NT)? I've become attached to my
25 familiar System Commander, but maybe you would advise getting rid of it
26 in favor of grub.
28 Well, mostly I wish to register a Bravo! for including vile.
30 By the way, I'd not be able to anything with gentoo before a CD was
31 available for purchase. No CD burner here, and I use a modem for
32 Internet access.
34 Best wishes,
35 Mr. Jan Wells.


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