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From: George Shapovalov <george@g.o>
To: gentoo-science@l.g.o
Cc: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] app-sci/blas-* have gone gold, maintainers of dependant packages beware!; ifc use flag
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 00:35:40
1 Hi gang.
3 Just as the subject says, the ap-sci/blas-* packages have "gone gold", that is
4 were unmasked in package.mask and went into testing. (So, apparently I am
5 reserving the "platinum" for the true stable :)). This includes blas-config,
6 bals-reference and blas-atlas, - the packages providing a Basic Linear
7 Algebra System library.
9 As often happens with such basic libraries, there are multiple
10 implementations. In this case the blas-reference is really that - a reference
11 implementation of blas routines in fortran 77. blas-alas is an optimized
12 implementation with routines that autotune depending on the type and size of
13 vectors/matrices (in other words, the more efficient one). It was discussed a
14 while ago that it would be nice to be able to install both and switch them on
15 the fly and this is the first release of this new blas "subsystem". This is
16 done via virtuals and blas-config script, just like for gcc/java. Similar
17 reorganization is in the works for lapack (linear algebra package), which is
18 actually the "usefull" library that provides higher level routines.
20 Who should be concerned? Firstly maintainers of the packages that depend on
21 blas and apparently users who directly deal with blas/lapack libraries.
22 These new packages provide new flexibility and have a few bugs fixed (that
23 haven't yet influenced the stable profile, but will bite old blas packages as
24 new gcc/libtool go into stable). Oh and on top of that they provide shared
25 libs, something original packages did not do :). This was asked for a lot, so
26 we added it.
27 We means here mostly Derek Dolney and me (see #30453 for details), but its
28 been tested by a few more people. Unfortunately as there were complications
29 along the way (those new bugs popping up, so we had to deal with them) and
30 due to some time restraints (Derek's involvement with his job and me trying
31 to graduate from caltech and find a [biotech] position in Germany :)) on our
32 side this process took a bit longer than expected. But finally its here!
34 So, the plan is as follows:
35 1. The blas packages are released into testing - just done.
37 2. Maintainers of blas related packages update their ebuilds -
38 This message is basically a call to start that process.
39 The update should be pretty basic. If the package can be compiled against both
40 blas-reference and blas-atlas (which should be true for the majority of
41 packages) just replace app-sci/blas with virtual/blas and add
42 app-sci/blas-config to DEPEND. Otherwise the dependency gets changed to the
43 particular one, as appropriate. You may check for differences between
44 app-sci/xfoil-6.94 and -r1.
45 AFAI could find this was the only package depending strictly on blas (and not
46 on lapack), so this might be pretty much it actually. Although I would like
47 to have its maintainer test and unmask yourself (in case there are any
48 "particulars").
50 3. Work on lapack packages commences - started
51 4. lapack gets released into testing
52 5. Another period of updates is allowed after which
53 6. Given that >=sys-devel/libtool-1.5 gets into stable and enough testing was
54 done these packages are moved there too.
55 7. Old packages are package-masked and then removed..
57 George
60 --
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