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From: Max Magorsch <arzano@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Improving warnings on packages.g.o
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2020 18:57:47
1 Hi all,
3 Good news regarding packages.g.o!
5 While the new packages.g.o version went into production some time ago,
6 this also led to some false warnings about outdated package versions.
7 This is because we currently take information about outdated package
8 versions from, which are not always accurate.
10 To avoid these false warnings it's now possible to filter the repology
11 checks. To do so, there is a new git repository called
12 soko-metadata[0]. The repository contains a folder called repology,
13 which in turn contains three files:
15 1) ignored-repositories: You can add repositories that should be
16 globally ignored for the repology checks for *all* packages. E.g.
17 Windows only repositories as appget might be disabled globally here.
19 2) ignored-categories: You can disable the repology check for whole
20 categories here. The check will be disabled for all packages in this
21 category.
23 3) ignored-packages: You can either disable the repology check for a
24 single package here (e.g. sys-auth/pambase), or disable a repository
25 for the repology check for a single package here using atom::repo
26 (e.g.: net-misc/dropbox::void_x86_64). The later option is especially
27 useful if another distribution creates a non-standard version for a
28 single package and all versions of other distributions are marked as
29 outdated because of this (as in the case of dropbox and void linux).
31 The soko-metadata repository is writable by all devs, so that all
32 package maintainers are welcome to contribute to reduce the number of
33 false warnings.
35 -M
37 [0]


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