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From: "José Fonseca" <j_r_fonseca@××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Cc: drobbins@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: My help
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 17:18:31
Message-Id: 20020629221701.GA4131@localhost.localdomain
1 As [for my disappointment] I got no reply whatsoever so far, I've decided
2 to offer my help one more and last time through the gentoo-dev list [in
3 the hope that there was some communication fault].
5 I whish no gratitude for offering my help, but I do think that at least a
6 reply would be polite. If none is given I'll assume that no help from me
7 is wanted either.
9 There is nothing more to say than what I already said below (except
10 perhaps that the bugs mentioned where fixed in the meanwhile and
11 replaced by others).
13 José Fonseca
16 On 2002.06.12 00:42 José Fonseca wrote:
17 > Daniel Robbins,
18 >
19 > I would like to offer my help. I enjoy the Gentoo linux distribution
20 > quite much and I find myself regularly fixing things related with it:
21 > submiting bugs the bugzilla database and quite often the respective
22 > fixes too.
23 >
24 > I can't offer much as my time is already limited - I'm already deeply
25 > involved in other open-source projects such as DRI and Mesa, not to
26 > mention that I do all this on my spare time only -, but I would like to
27 > give more continuity to some fixes I submit on bugzilla, such as those
28 > on bugs #2861, #2862 and #3554. The fixes are already on the bugzilla
29 > database so I just wanted to take off this no-brain burden of actually
30 > commiting them to CVS of someone else.
31 >
32 > To be the actual responsible for a package in Gentoo is more that I can
33 > really give. But I won't mind of giving a hand in the area where I have
34 > more expertise if needed, i.e., XFree86, DRI and Mesa.
35 >
36 > Regards,
37 >
38 > José Fonseca


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