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From: Albert Zeyer <albert.zeyer@×××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] dedicated USE-flag is inconsequent and confusing
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 11:59:18
Message-Id: 1210766315.23007.25.camel@localhost
1 Hi!
3 Jan Kundrát said this topic belongs to the mailinglist.
5 You can find the related bug-report here:
8 Content:
10 >From the name of the USE-flag, you could expect different things:
12 1. It stands for 'dedicated server', which would mean, that this USE-flag does
13 enable support for a dedicated server.
14 (That means also that you would expect, that you have in both cases the whole
15 GUI; and with enabled USE-flag you get additionally the dedicated server.)
17 2. It stands for 'dedicated only', which means, all the GUI part is skipped.
18 (That means you would expect, that you have in both cases the whole GUI and the
19 dedicated server; and with enabled USE-flag you get only the dedicated server
20 but not the GUI.)
22 >From the description, it seems, that there is even a third case where you have
23 either only the GUI or only the dedicated server (something you would not
24 except at all).
26 After all my experiences with USE-flag, I would expect, that a USE-flag which
27 does not contain the name "no" or "only" does only add a specific feauture but
28 does not remove anything. Therefore I expected the first case when I saw this
29 USE-flag for the first time and a lot of ebuilds also use it like this. Though
30 the second case seems still also valid for me. The third case doesn't make
31 sense at all for me. (Is there really any ebuild with this behaviour? If so,
32 this should be fixed.)
34 Anyway, the behaviour of the USE-flag should be consequent. The whole sense of
35 USE-flags is to define the behaviour of ebuilds. And normally you define the
36 USE-flags globally for your system. If there are USE-flags which behave
37 different on each ebuild, they don't make sense.
39 For example, on my desktop system, I want to have the first behaviour for all
40 ebuilds (I want to have both the game itself and the dedicated server). I have
41 enabled the dedicated USE-flag globaly and it works good for most games I use.
42 Though, I always need to make some exceptions for some games which is annoying
43 and should not be.
45 On my server, I want to have the possibility to get only the dedicated server
46 but not the GUI. For some own ebuilds, I introduced the USE-flag
47 'dedicated-only' for this.
49 To fix the problem, there should be two different USE-flags. One should do the
50 first behaviour (something like 'dedicated' or 'dedicated-server' or 'server')
51 and another for the second (something like 'dedicated' or 'nogui' or
52 'dedicated-only' or 'server-only'). The important thing is to not have a
53 USE-flag with different behaviours.
55 So, what do you think?
57 Greetings,
58 Albert
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