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From: Tom Martin <slarti@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Cc: gwn-feedback@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] New developers: Martin Ehmsen (ehmsen) and Michal Kurgan (moloh)
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 22:09:59
1 Hi list,
3 Two new developers to tell you about. First up is Martin Ehmsen, who is
4 going to be helping out with the text-markup herd, i.e. tex ;). He's
5 already prepared a bit about him:
7 "I'm a 25 year old Dane living in Odense on Fyn,the central island of
8 Denmark. I'm studying computer science at the University of Southern
9 Denmark and currently I'm writing a master thesis about on-line
10 algorithms which is a special kind of approximation algorithms.
11 Besides the studying, I'm living with my girlfriend and trying to fix
12 our new apartment for our coming baby (yeah... I'm going to be a father
13 in June... too late to bail out now :) When I have some spare time I'm
14 very much into watching movies and my DVD collection is growing by the
15 week. I'm mostly into Asian and older movies (actually everything that
16 contains a bit of meaning... not the latest Fast and the Furious X and
17 similar). I also play football (not the American kind).
19 I have contributed patches to several projects including openbox, psi,
20 rsync, nano and bbkeys. I have also coded several small
21 i'm-probably-the-only-user kind of apps... like a small daemon for a
22 Remote Wonder ATI remote control, so that I can control my music
23 without having to have X running. I have been programming for a lot of
24 years (can't remember when I started). I teach (or have taught) C,
25 Java, Prolog and Haskell at my university, besides that I use (or have
26 used) LISP, Bash (zsh or whatever),... and so on :)"
28 The other new developer, Michal Kurgan, is going to be translating the
29 GWN into Polish. He writes:
31 "I am 24 years old, and i was born in one of major cities in Poland,
32 Krakow. I finished my MSc thesis, this year, at University of Science
33 and Technology in Poland, currently i start my PhD program at
34 University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. My best time spending
35 hobbies would be working with computer (still, after about 1.5 year
36 "Gentoo playing" is great pleasure), literature (mostly fantasy or sf),
37 hard & heavy music and for a sport i prefer basketball."
39 Michal knows C, C++, PHP, sh, ProLog, MySQL and VHDL.
41 Please help me welcome Martin and Michal to the rabble. :)
44 Regards,
45 --
46 Tom Martin,
47 AMD64, net-mail, shell-tools, vim, recruiters
48 Gentoo Linux
51 --
52 Tom Martin,
53 AMD64, net-mail, shell-tools, vim, recruiters
54 Gentoo Linux


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