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From: Christian Faulhammer <opfer@g.o>
To: "gentoo-dev@l.g.o" <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Emacs Project Overlay
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 11:14:37
Message-Id: 20070316121012.0c7dfecb@luna.home
1 Hi all,
3 Yesterday the Emacs Project Overlay has been created on
4 and is accessible through Layman $(layman -a
5 emacs). What's new?
6 * An eselect module for Emacs to control the version of Emacs you use
7 ** changes the target of /usr/bin/emacs which up to now simply took the
8 most current one
9 ** setting symlinks to the correct man pages
10 ** setting the correct INFOPATH to let info find the correct nodes
11 ** brings desktop file including icon to avoid file collisions
13 * updated ebuilds for all versions of Emacs (Emacs 18 and 21, plus CVS
14 Emacs 22 and 23). In detail they bring (for CVS versions only):
15 ** work together with the eselect module (all versions actually)
16 ** new/removed USE flags and changed the behaviour of some:
17 added sound: disables/enables sound support
18 modified alsa: really kills ALSA detection if not enabled, if enabled
19 also activates sound on its own
20 removed nls: Emacs brings its own gettext.h
21 removed gnome: was only needed for the icon of the desktop file,
22 which is included in the eselect ebuild now
24 * Emacs 23 has all the new cool ebuild features Emacs 22 already had
25 (see ChangeLog in tree)
26 * revamped DEPEND and RDEPEND, all package atoms should be in the
27 correct place now
28 * updated version of elisp.eclass and elisp-common.eclass (mainly
29 documentation to the functions along with examples)
30 * updated version of app-emacs/ebuild-mode (Emacs support
31 for .eclass, .ebuild and .eselect files, mostly some added keywords)
33 We need testing, as Emacs is widely used and such big changes can't be
34 brought to the main tree over-night:
35 Functionality in general: Do all Emacs versions from 18 to 23 work
36 fine?
37 File collisions: Which versions of Emacs overwrite a file owned by
38 another? FEATURES=collision-protect is the magic word.
39 eselect functionality: Is switching working as expected?
41 If you feel like trying all that, ceck the overlay out and file bugs or
42 write an email to the Emacs team. Special thanks go out to Ulrich
43 Müller as he gave a lot of feedback and inspiration.
45 <URL:>
46 (URL to my Planet post, which has same contents)
48 V-Li


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