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From: Markus Ullmann <jokey@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: Nominations Update
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 19:07:39
Message-Id: f85if4$a56$
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Nominations Update by Christina Fullam
1 Christina Fullam schrieb:
2 > Just a reminder about nominations and voting...
3 > If anyone is still interested in running, you have one week left for
4 > nominations.
5 > Most who have accepted havent told us why we should vote for them. While
6 > that information is not required perhaps it should be if we are to make
7 > intelligent votes - sorry this isnt a popularity contest so give us some
8 > content to review.
10 Agreeing with previous posters to this thread here, it is a bit of
11 popularity contest ;)
13 > 1) What you will do
14 > 2) Why you will do it
16 While being all for finally documented EAPI stuff (we really need use
17 and slot deps), I also want to keep an eye on user involvement. After
18 all I wouldn't be a dev myself if some other dev would have been willing
19 to help me with this stuff.
21 I think we have quite a bunch of powerusers who either hide a bit in the
22 corner or hit some devs they can't work along with. Actually makes me
23 sad when I see such stuff when userrel@ gets involved.
25 Besides that, some Distributions that base their work on gentoo already
26 have hit some technical issues with the system they want to work around
27 (There will be a binary merger some time soonish)... We should see if we
28 can pick up some stuff from the communities that are even not directly
29 gentoo related to see if we can merge work instead of duplicating it.
30 I second a recent planet post about NotInventedHere problems sometimes.
32 That should bring us back on track and at the technical top of
33 (meta)distributions :)
35 > 3) How you will do it
37 For the technical part, well, you can't force someone to do things if he
38 works just for fun. Though I want to get people motivated to work
39 towards the new features mentioned in previous questions. On many ends
40 we have proven that we can handle even huge evolutions soonish, so we
41 should go on with it.
43 > 4) What is the timescale for doing it
45 Some of my ideas take some weeks, some may last longer. Depends on
46 motivation of all involved, though I'm willing to set a point on that.
48 > 5) What experience do you have with this or a similar role
50 As being part of userrel, overlays lead and sunrise co-lead I already
51 have a fair share at users front I think ;)
53 > 6) Why do you think you are qualified
55 I'm quite active in the opensource community (member of two LUGs),
56 gentoo user since 1.4rc days and dev for more than one and a half year
57 now. I think I know more a bit about how the stuff works around here.
59 > 7) How you plan to balance a council role with your current Gentoo role
61 I mentored / co-mentored a good handful of devs who keep up the work
62 when I'm not in (Uni exams mainly) ;)
64 > 8) How much time can you dedicate to the council role
66 Should be something around 1-2 hours a day, sometimes more, sometimes a
67 bit less. After all I still maintain some mystic thing called real-life
68 ;) Though if you have something important, I am on irc, reachable via
69 email and if there is really scary stuff going on, some devs have my
70 cell phone number to send me a text about it.
72 Greetz
73 -Jokey


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