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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: [geRe: [gentoo-dev] 'submerge' was Re: Re: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo Embedded
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 15:06:35
1 > Turns out I had a lot of extra time at work today... ;-)un.
2 Dont you love it when you have extra time to do stuff you like ? :)
4 > like I said before, a basic system can be done with:
5 >
6 > sys-kernel/linux-headers
7 > glibc
8 > =busybox-0.60.5-r1
9 > =gawk-3.1.2-r3
10 > =baselayout-
11 > tinylogin
13 Will look at submerge as soon as I get some time. Looks very interesting
14 from what I saw.
16 I already tried to create a small system (got carried away, my goal
17 wasnt an embedded system.. but anyway) thanks to the ideas from this
18 thread. And I am happy to say that I managed to get an apparently
19 functional system with the following:
21 baselayout-
22 bash-2.05b-r7.tbz2
23 busybox-0.60.3-r1.tbz2
24 devfsd-1.3.25-r3.tbz2
25 e2fsprogs-1.33.tbz2
26 gawk-3.1.3.tbz2
27 glibc-2.3.2-r1.tbz2
28 tinylogin-1.2.tbz2
30 The whole thing occupying 16 megs!
32 What is interesting is that I did not do any modifications on the init
33 scripts that come with gentoo (baselayout) apart from modifying inittab
34 to launch getty instead of agetty. The only thing which doesnt seem to
35 work are Gentoo's runlevels, but they do get exectued, everything runs,
36 but errors pop out (but they work). What seems missing are: egrep,
37 hostname and install. Probably having these will get the whole thing
38 working right out of the (gentoo) box. Obvoiusly for a true embedded
39 system you dont want to go with gentoo's init scripts as was mentioned
40 before, but it is interesting that it still does more or less work!
42 Another note, I removed all
43 doc/man/info/include/locale/terminfo/zoneinfo etc.. I could get my hands
44 on (if you can think of more letme know :).
46 Just for sake of completeness, I did the busybox and tinylogin symlinks
47 manually and after some fighting around got them right (some stuff need
48 to be in /sbin some in /bin).
50 On another note, I went a bit furter and installed:
52 gpm-1.20.1.tbz2
53 ncurses-5.3-r2.tbz2
54 links-2.1_pre9.tbz2
56 Getting a working browser adding an additional 3 megs (didnt know
57 ncurses was so big) making the whole thing 19 megs.
59 Obviously I am using bash, devfsd, gawk and e2fsprogs which can be made
60 irrelevant if proper init scripts are used (I threw in devfsd just in
61 case, probably it is not even needed - At the end I just did a "cp -a
62 /dev/* chroot/dev/")
64 Now what can be interesting is to go with uglibc instead of glibc.
66 I guess its time to get one of those USB sticks.
68 Thanks David and all the rest for the ideas. It is really fascinating to
69 see how easy it is to create small customized systems with Gentoo.
72 Cheers,
74 Vano.
78 --
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