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From: Fabian Groffen <grobian@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] [RFC] EAPI={3,4} offset-prefix semantics mandatory?
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 20:25:50
1 With the current route where EAPI=3 will simply be EAPI=2 +
2 offset-prefix support, and EAPI=4 will be EAPI=3 + some other stuff, the
3 following question arose:
5 Should an ebuild using an EAPI that has offset-prefix support make the
6 use of that support mandatory or optional?
8 In other words, one can perfectly fine write an ebuild EAPI=3 that will
9 not work in an offset-prefix install, due to improper absence of EPREFIX,
10 ED and EROOT. Should we allow this formally, or not?
12 Why is this a problem? Simply because it can be done, but more because
13 EAPI=4 will introduce features a developer would like to use/rely on,
14 while she/he does not want, or is not able to write the ebuild in a
15 Prefix conforming way.
17 The pros for forcing ebuilds to be offset-prefix aware are:
18 - an ebuild having EAPI >= 3 (as it looks now) is supposed to work
19 for Prefix users
20 - hence also obviously is (supposed to be) checked for Prefix
21 - repoman might be able to check for obvious mistakes regarding
22 offset-prefix installations
24 The cons:
25 - all developers need to be aware of how Prefix works, and be able to
26 write ebuilds for it (I can post all the answers to the Prefix quiz)
27 - basically requires a Prefix to be setup to test
28 - it will stop developers to some degree to use higher EAPIs in the
29 worst case
31 The pros for allowing ebuilds that have an offset-prefix aware EAPI to
32 ignore the offset-prefix are:
33 - easy drop-in replacement for devs, basically the contra of all the
34 cons of the previous approach.
36 The cons:
37 - not immediately clear which ebuild is offset-prefix aware (could look
38 at Prefix keywords)
39 - needs proper rules; an ebuild that has offset-prefix support may not
40 have this support removed again (breaks Prefix users, how to enforce?)
41 - ebuilds may get offset-prefix support at a later stage, which may not
42 entirely be understood/noticed by (their maintaining) devs
44 Please voice your opinion and share your insights, if any.
47 --
48 Fabian Groffen
49 Gentoo on a different level