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From: "Michał Górny" <mgorny@g.o>
To: Ian Stakenvicius <axs@g.o>
Cc: gentoo-dev <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Making a common sub-profile for no-multilib
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2014 10:58:27
Message-Id: 20140703125812.7b799fb4@pomiot.lan
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Making a common sub-profile for no-multilib by Ian Stakenvicius
1 Dnia 2014-06-25, o godz. 13:01:48
2 Ian Stakenvicius <axs@g.o> napisał(a):
4 > I would like to propose adding 'no-multilib/[arch]/package.mask'
5 > sub-profile(s), to allow all of these masks to go in one place.
6 >
7 > Populating package.mask should be fairly easy for amd64 at least,
8 > since anything depending on an app-emulation/emul-* will need to be
9 > masked. However the merits of where the package.mask will go needs
10 > discussion. Perhaps, for instance, it's time to adjust the profile
11 > tree hierarchy more aggressively instead of "piling on" with yet
12 > another subdir.
13 >
14 > Thoughts?
16 I would go for a bit different way of handling arch profiles. This is
17 an early idea that probably can't work but could make things a little
18 bit easier to mangle.
20 The arch/ tree starts with 'generic' subdirectories matching main
21 arches -- like arm, mips, x86, sparc, powerpc, s390 (but not amd64).
23 Each of arch trees contains an 'abis' subtree that contains mix-ins
24 describing particular ABIs supported. For example, arch/x86/abis/x86,
25 arch/x86/abis/amd64, arch/mips/abis/o32.
27 Each of those mix-ins describes that basic stuff for ABI (like LIBDIR,
28 standard CHOST), unmasks relevant ABI flags and p.masks them on
29 packages that don't support a particular ABI.
31 Now, each of those mix-ins may come with a sub-profile called 'default'
32 that sets use.force & make.defaults for making the ABI the default ABI.
33 I'm currently not sure if this will be really helpful since the small
34 amount of work we may also put directly into 'real' profiles (described
35 below).
37 Moreover, each of those mix-ins may come with a 'no-multilib'
38 sub-profile. This one -- aside from setting all the standard variables
39 -- package.masks all the packages that were package.use.mask in parent
40 profile. This way, we can keep all the masks almost in a single place.
42 Then, we have multilib profiles like arch/x86/multilib/amd64,
43 arch/x86/multilib/x32. Those inherit from all the relevant ABI profiles
44 -- e.g. amd64 would inherit arch/x86/abis/x86 &
45 arch/x86/abis/amd64[/default], and set the remaining variables for
46 multilib.
49 While I feel it's a bit complex, I think that's somehow a sane way to
50 express what we have now without moving back and forth. Few extra key
51 points:
53 - minimal no of profiles in each 'parent' -- supposedly abis/ would
54 have no parents, and possibly final profiles would have 'arch/base'
55 as parent,
57 - as already mentioned somewhere else, i'd rather see 'arch/base'
58 instead of plain 'base' -- the idea is to put everything that's
59 easier reverted than copied through all arch/ profiles, and have it
60 inherited only by the final arch profiles.
63 For example, the expanded inherits for arch/x86/multilib/amd64 would
64 go like:
66 1. arch/base -- that disables a lot of uncommon stuff,
68 2. arch/x86/base [optionally] -- setting some generic defaults,
70 3. arch/x86/abis/x86 -- setting support for 'x86' ABI,
72 4. arch/x86/abis/x86/lib32 [optionally] -- overriding LIBDIR_x86 for
73 compatibility with current SYMLINK_LIB screwup,
75 5. arch/x86/abis/amd64 -- setting support for 'amd64' ABI,
77 6. arch/x86/abis/amd64/default [optionally] -- setting 'amd64'
78 as default ABI,
80 7. arch/x86/multilib/amd64 -- finishing multilib setup.
82 The key point here being that no profile is run twice.
84 --
85 Best regards,
86 Michał Górny


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