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From: Terje Kvernes <terjekv@××××××××.no>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] using Portage with other distributions.
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 12:16:52
1 first off: at work we don't run Gentoo and this will not change. I
2 would however like to use Portage for stuff that the chosen
3 distribution doesn't supply, or just to keep more up to date
4 software available under, say, /portage (the ROOT name is
5 irrelevant, but it's not /usr or (/usr)/local). think of this a
6 good replacement for encap.
8 my first attempt was to make portage self-contained under this root,
9 using /portage/etc and similar structures. this I had to abandon
10 rather quickly, as /etc/make.conf and similar files are hardcoded to
11 be under /etc.
13 I then opted to keep a minimal set of files under /etc, but install
14 software under /portage. I proceeded to inject packages that I
15 didn't want portage to fiddle with -- something that worked as
16 expected. I then tried to upgrade portage[1] and got the following
17 error:
19 nommo:/# emerge -U world
21 portage: 'portage' user or group missing. Please update baselayout
22 and merge portage user(250) and group(250) into your passwd
23 and group files. Non-root compilation is disabled until then.
24 Also note that non-root/wheel users will need to be added to
25 the portage group to do portage commands.
27 For the defaults, line 1 goes into passwd, and 2 into group.
28 portage:x:250:250:portage:/var/tmp/portage:/bin/false
29 portage::250:portage
31 >>> --upgradeonly implies --update... adding --update to options.
32 Calculating world dependencies ...done!
33 >>> emerge (1 of 1) sys-apps/portage-2.0.48-r1 to /
34 >>> md5 ;-) portage-2.0.48-r1.tar.bz2
35 Could not open the sandbox library at '(null)/'.
37 the user and group warning would be nice to turn off by the way.
38 the real problem is the sandbox library which seems to be missing
39 its path. are there any good ideas on how to fix this?
41 and, if anyone has done anything similar, I'm all ears. if people
42 are interested in making different roots under portage just
43 work[tm], I might do some patching to portage and make the work
44 available.
47 [1] I based my Portage testing on the portage rescue image, which I
48 dumped on /portage and created a lot of symlinks on /usr to make
49 things work. installing portage on /usr is something I really
50 want to avoid, I _really_ wish for /portage to have everything
51 related to portage. :-/
53 --
54 Terje
56 --
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