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From: Thilo Bangert <thilo.bangert@×××.net>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: [gentoo-user] Email server "out of the box"...
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 08:06:21
1 Hi,
3 On Saturday, 9. March 2002 09:00, you wrote:
4 > I have kind of made this inquiry before... however since my email was
5 > messed up I dunno if it ever really got answered.
6 >
7 > I'm looking for an "out of the box" email solution with Gentoo,
8 > meaning that all the software in question can be supplied via the
9 > normal portage tree. I'm already quite pleased with Apache/PHP as
10 > well as MySQL via this method. I like it even better than if I did it
11 > myself through source (as is the case on my other server).
12 >
13 > I need a mail solution that creates virtual mail users on virtual
14 > domains. I'd also like it to have some method of opening up a relay
15 > (like SMTP after POP or something like that). I have a server with a
16 > few domains pointing to it and I like giving out email addresses to
17 > friends and associates.
18 >
19 > My preference is to use either Postfix or Qmail as the MTA. I've
20 > worked with qmail in the past and then have a POP daemon and tools to
21 > handle the virtual domains. I have NO interest in IMAP for anything.
22 >
23 > Is there something in Portage that someone has used to do this? I
24 > figure with the way its simplified getting Apache/PHP/MySQL up that
25 > there has to be some no brainer (by comparison) email solution. Heck,
26 > even an ebuild of vpopmail wouldn't be bad.
27 >
28 > Joshua
30 i will have to setup a mailserver of that kind myself within the next
31 weeks. i must have missed your first message
33 here's what i plan to include:
35 qmail (+ Patches like QMAILQUEUE, big-todo etc.)
36 qmail-notify for mailnotifications
37 qmail-autoresponder for autoresponder
38 qmail-scanner for emailscanning (hence QMAILQUEUE)
39 for RBL support (optional)
40 relay-ctrl for POP-before-SMTP authentication
41 vmailmgr for virtual hosts
42 mailfront + cvm-vmailmgr for SMTP AUTH (PLAIN + LOGIN)
43 courier-imap for imap support (optional)
45 this allows easy webmail through omail-webmail
46 and easy mail configuration through omail-admin
48 this is a setup i have run successfully on a different server and i am
49 very pleased...
50 besides these thing, i will have to create ebuilds for ezmlm-idx,
51 sophie and sophisticated (for the sophos antivirus)
53 the way i am thinking of this now, this will need seperate ebuilds for
54 any helper programs plus a qmail-vmailmgr ebuild which will have all
55 the other programms as RDEPENDs
57 if you or anybody else is interested in this kind of setup we could
58 work on it together...
60 from this point the discussion probably should continue on gentoo-dev
62 --
63 regards
64 Thilo


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