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From: Ken Nowack <drake_stuff@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o, gentoo-user@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Weird system time issue
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 14:35:05
1 Alright,
3 I've been asking people in IRC for a bit about this
4 and haven't found a solution yet. My system time is
5 all buggified for some reason.
7 I can reset the system time, but give it about an hour
8 and it resets itself for no apparent reason, about 12
9 hours off. I've tried using rdate -s every 15 minutes,
10 doesn't help. I've tried setting up ntpd and using it,
11 but once the system time gets too far off, ntpd dies
12 with no explanation.
14 It seems part of the issue *may* be my use of gdm. If
15 I'm logged in to my desktop, my system time will keep
16 updating itself. Once I log out to the gdm login
17 screen, time gets all screwey again, indifferent of
18 which system time update method I'm using. Odd yes?
20 The rdate method was set up in a cron job. Apparently
21 it seems that if the comp is sitting at the gdm login
22 screen, the cron job will not be successful in
23 updating the system time, but if I'm logged in, it
24 works. And as for ntpd, it's usually dead by the time
25 I log out, so I have no idea if that works while gdm
26 is up.
28 I recompiled my kernel (suggestion from IRC) because I
29 thought the inclusion of RTC support might fix things.
30 That hasn't worked. I recompiled gdm, rdate, and ntpd
31 as well just for good measure. That has failed to fix
32 this issue as well.
34 Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me
35 where to look next? There hasn't been anything helpful
36 in the logs and it's starting to drive me nuts.
38 Ken Nowack
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