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From: Vincent-Xavier JUMEL <endymion+gentoo@×××××××××××.net>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Who is willing to be lead?
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 14:10:14
1 Le samedi 10 avril 2010 15:53:48, Petteri Räty a écrit :
2 > As people seem to want the council to take action I offer to take
3 > action. As it's impossible for me to do everything myself I offer to act
4 > as a project manager/owner for people willing to donate their time to
5 > whatever I see worthy for Gentoo as whole like the web page redesign.
6 > Basically you tell me how many hours you have and I'll give you stuff to
7 > work on. It might not be glorious at times like cleaning up a piece of
8 > documentation but why not spend an hour a week on something that
9 > benefits the project? If people are interested, I'll work out the details.
10 >
11 Since I'm quite new to this list, I'll start by a quick presentation.
13 I'm a french math teacher who loves computer science and Free Software. I've
14 discovered Gentoo circa 2004 at school and since then it perfectly matches my
15 needs and way of thinking.
17 I'm writing some personal ebuilds that I've never took time to clean up and
18 upload to sunrise since it works for me. You may find a sympa ebuild at my
19 personal repo[1]
21 I'm not sure I've enough time to involve myself as a Gentoo developer (even if
22 a maintain my own sympa ebuild and other) but I want to help Gentoo project.
24 I could easily donate some time, but I don't know where to begin, so I'm glad
25 of your offer to direct me to something useful.
27 Cheers
29 [1] :
31 P.S. Sorry, this web page is still in French as my signature
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