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From: Alec Warner <antarus@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Infra survey results
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 01:29:48
Ok so Google Docs sucks and I can't give you the 'summary link'
because it wants people to sign in and that is crap! But I can discuss
the results:

37 people responded (met my expectations)

Most developers mentioned that they had sufficient CPU and RAM to do
their duties. What they would like to see are more prebuild stages (3
& 4) for more fancy setups. Downloading a nice shiny bsd stage4, or a
hardened stage4, might be nice. Prebuilt VM images would also be nice.
I promise to talk to releng about this; I hope we can use some of the
new hardware to do more stages; afaik releng is a bit constrained
resource-wise at the moment.

#1 request: wiki
#2 request: Other (primarily git)
#3 request: code review tool

I figured I'd give some brief updates on these items.
1) We have a wiki deployment in beta. It exists, I have an account
there; we have folks adding content to test. Expect to hear more about
this soon.

2) The gentoo-scm list has good coverage of the git migration; but I
will briefly summarize. We would prefer to have git signing ready
before we switch. Patches have been written and we hope for them to be
merged soon. There are some other bits that are not really blockers
but are still up in the air. These are mostly related to workflow
(branching? merging? how does that work </clownmeme>) I expect these
things to get figured out once deployment is actually completed. There
is also some work around keyrings and tree verification to do.

3) Code Review tool: A lot of folks want gerrit. Gerrit uses Java.
Infra no likely java (java..not so secure.) I am working on a demo for
another tool (reviewboard); if it sucks I will give gerrit a try. If
you have used reviewboard I'd be happy to hear your experiences

I'm happy that there is some progress on each of these items. I don't
want to provide delivery dates but I will try and stay on top of them
and post updates as we make progress.



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