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From: Zach Lowry <zach@×××××××××.net>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo/m68k
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 03:05:23
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4 Hello Everyone!
6 This is to let everyone on these list know about my progress
7 concerning Gentoo/m68k. I have been working for the past month on the
8 port and have made signifigant progress. Portage is working, and a
9 Stage1 has been built. However, I was overzealous with my CFLAGS and
10 added -O3, which made my Stage1 chroot do odd things.
12 Then, I decided to rebuild the entire system, but Debian's gcc
13 package broke, which had me cursing for about 2 weeks. I had glibc
14 builds failing left and right. (Well, actually, only one failed every
15 day, since I'm on a 33MHz machine. :)
17 Anyhow, that's all fixed now, and I hope to have an official stage1
18 tarball ready soon. What this e-mail is for is to hopefully gather
19 interest in the port so that the powers that be may make it an
20 official Gentoo architecture. I realize that m68k is 10-years old,
21 but it still has several uses, and Gentoo can fulfil those uses quite
22 nicely. I have two Sun 3/80s that serve as DNS for me, and a Performa
23 550 as a NTP server, A Quadra 660AV for video, etc. As the Monty
24 Python line goes, "They're Not Dead Yet!"
26 With Gentoo, we'll be able to squeeze every last bit of performance
27 out of these old beasts, as well as trim down the distribution to a
28 minimum, lending itself to netbooding and embedded work. m68k
29 hardware covers a vast landscape, including but not limited to
30 Macintosh, NeXT, Sun3, HP300, Amiga, and Atari. These machines were
31 high-end at the time, and can still be put to good use.
33 Thanks for reading, and if you're interested in the work I've done,
34 please reply, so I can know that what I've done is worth releasing,
35 and the fine folks at Gentoo can know that m68k is a platform worth
36 supporting.
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