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From: "Chad M. Huneycutt" <chadh@×××××××××.edu>
To: gentoo-user@g.o, gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] pcmcia-cs Instructions
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 23:29:27
1 I have done a bit of work with Gentoo's pcmcia lately, so if you haven't
2 updated lately you should. The latest version of pcmcia-cs currently is
3 3.1.33-r1. There is also 3.1.31-r6, if you need 3.1.31 for some reason.
5 The pcmcia-cs package provides utilities (cardmgr, cardctl, etc.) and
6 drivers. You probably want the tools if you use PCMCIA devices, as they
7 let you automatically bring up interfaces when you insert cards (cardmgr)
8 and change your network settings scheme (cardctl), etc. You may or may not
9 want the drivers. For instance, the orinoco_cs driver in the kernel is
10 supposedly better than the wvlan_cs driver provided with pcmcia-cs.
11 Whether you want the drivers or not, it is important that you configure
12 your kernel *before* installing pcmcia-cs. The pcmcia-cs ebuild uses your
13 kernel settings (found /usr/src/linux) to determine whether or not to
14 install the modules. If you want the pcmcia-cs modules, then make sure
15 that you configure "PCMCIA/Cardbus support" *off* Then compile and install
16 your kernel and modules. If you do not want the pcmcia-cs modules, then
17 configure "PCMCIA/Cardbus support" as either a module or built-in and
18 select any modules that you want to use. Finally emerge pcmcia-cs to
19 install the utilities and possibly drivers.
21 If you choose to use the pcmcia-cs kernel modules, then you need to remerge
22 pcmcia-cs *each time* you rebuild your kernel. And even if you don't use
23 the pcmcia-cs modules, it wouldn't be a bad idea to be in the habit of
24 remerging pcmcia-cs.
26 To configure PCMCIA network card, you have to edit /etc/pcmcia/network.opts
27 to configure your network settings. *Do not* use Gentoo's
28 /etc/init.d/net.eth0 startup script to start interfaces that you want
29 cardmgr to manage.
31 I hope this clears up any issues that people are still having with pcmcia.
33 Chad Huneycutt (chadh@g.o)


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