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From: Paul Varner <fuzzyray@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Binary packages and revdep-rebuild
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 21:38:24
1 One of the common complaints with revdep-rebuild is that it wants to
2 constantly rebuild binary packages (most notably openoffice-bin). To
3 assist in resolving this issue, I have released gentoolkit-0.2.1_pre9
4 which adds the capability for an ebuild maintainer to adjust how
5 revdep-rebuild behaves towards binary packages.
7 The latest revdep-rebuild allows the user to control the following
8 variables:
10 LD_LIBRARY_MASK - Mask of specially evaluated libraries
11 SEARCH_DIRS - List of directories to search for executables and
12 libraries
13 SEARCH_DIRS_MASK - List of directories to not search
15 With the capability that I just added, a package maintainer can now
16 adjust the same variables. To use this capability do the following:
18 1. Install a file into /etc/revdep-rebuild (I'm using the same
19 convention as /etc/env.d and prefixing the files with a number)
20 2. Inside of the file, place the appropriate changes to the variables.
22 For example: I have the following
23 file /etc/revdep-rebuild/10openoffice-bin on my system
25 # openoffice-bin revdep-rebuild configuration file
26 SEARCH_DIRS_MASK="/usr/lib/openoffice"
28 3. revdep-rebuild will accumulate the variables in the following order:
30 environment, /etc/make.conf, /etc/revdep-rebuild/*
32 This means that a user can override your changes if desired, but your
33 changes will be honored by default.
35 Finally, one other change that I am considering is to add a PACKAGE_MASK
36 variable that will only be read from the files in /etc/revdep-rebuild
37 and cannot be overridden by the user (except by editing the file). The
38 purpose will be to tell revdep-rebuild to never attempt to rebuild that
39 package. Before I implement that I would like to get some feedback on if
40 that is a desired feature.
42 Regards,
43 Paul


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