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Subject: [gentoo-dev] eclass cvs should not use -z4 by default
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 21:26:15
1 Hi everybody,
3 as i am lazy, i will simply copy and paste the two relevant emails written by
5 me:
6 "using gzip compression level 4 isnt the default of cvs and might generate
7 alot of load on the server. therefore i suggest letting cvs fall back to
8 it's default -z0 It might be usefull to have a variable controll this, so it
9 is easy for people who really have a slow connection to manually adjust this
10 setting."
12 and the reply by Mike Frysinger (vapier), maintainer of this eclass:
13 "i would use -z1 or -z2 as the default and allow people to override it via
14 make.conf ... but you should send your proposal to the gentoo-dev mailing
15 list to see how people feel"
17 I think -z1 or 2 would be better than z4 of course.
18 When it comes to announcing this change, i would stress why this has been
19 changed, so not everyone just manually switches back to z4 immediatly.
21 Ciao,
23 Daniel
24 --
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