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From: Joshua Jackson <tsunam@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Monthly Gentoo Council Reminder for August
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 15:56:06
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4 Lance Albertson wrote:
5 > Curtis Napier wrote:
6 >
7 >> I got to chat with the CEO of the company that donated that equipment
8 >> and the wait was *more* than worth it. Once it's up and running our
9 >> bugzilla will be rock solid and fast fast fast fast fast for years to
10 come.
11 >
12 > Well, as I stated before. Having nice hardware will help a lot, but if
13 > we could get upstream bugzilla folks to fix some of these issues instead
14 > of us having to resort to a clustered database structure would be the
15 > better solution in the long run. A fast db cluster/web server means
16 > nothing if the database structure behind the app isn't done properly. It
17 > might be worth it for someone to maybe look at the problem in the code
18 > and see if we can patch it from our end and then submit those patches
19 > upstream. That approach generally works better. But I fear that the
20 > change needed to be done on it might involve so much change/work, it may
21 > not be worth it. Who knows, maybe its worth finding another bug database
22 > app, or even be crazy and write our own for a long term solution.
23 >
24 > Cheers-
25 >
26 Here's the question, gnome's bugzilla has over twice as many bugs as
27 we have, is quite speedy and doesn't seem to suffer from the OOM
28 killers that our bugzilla has. So what's the difference? Did gnome
29 just toss hardware at the problem to make it go away or have they done
30 something to make bugzilla work for them?
32 I think throwing hardware at the problem is the wrong approach in this
33 case, as its just delaying the problem that has made the new hardware
34 seem like the solution...which will no doubt creep up again.
36 Don't get me wrong, the donation of hardware from gni is greatly
37 appreciated. I'd just to see that we try and see why we have the
38 problem in the first place as well. As I'm sure that this problem will
39 creep up again
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