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From: Marko Mikulicic <marko@××××.org>
To: James Yonan <jim@×××××.net>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Init Scripts
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 00:40:55
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Init Scripts by James Yonan
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4 James Yonan wrote:
6 | Which netmask are you referring to? The TUN/TAP device? The
7 | internet-connected public interface? OpenVPN actually knows nothing of
8 | netmasks, except for which is used by the --ifconfig
9 option to
10 | configure a virtual tun adapter, so it's not clear what should be passed.
11 I mean "the destination network ip and netmask", which cannot be
12 extracted from
13 tunnel information because it depends on the other side's local network.
15 | There's also the fact that --up can pass user-specified parameters to the
16 | script, which might be a way of generalizing the route script, so that
17 only
18 | one would be necessary for a set of tunnels.
19 |
20 | Every openvpn option can be expressed on either the command line or a
21 config
22 | file. The idea is that there is no reason to create yet another
23 config file
24 | metalanguage for openvpn, when you can do arbitrarily complex run-time
25 | derivations of options by invoking openvpn from a shell script, and
26 putting
27 | options on the command line. For that reason, openvpn config files
28 are simple
29 | and flat (with the exception that multiple config files can be placed
30 on the
31 | command line, and config files can include other config files).
32 Having said
33 | that, any command line smarts would need to go in the init.d file.
34 Perhaps
35 | the /etc/conf.d/openvpn file just has global command line options.
37 if you can pass arbitrary arguments to the --up script the problem is
38 solved.
39 I didn't find it in the man page.
41 I see that the idea of the config file is good, the problem is that it
42 would be nice to have also
43 a --route option and not only an --ifconfig. But here we come the the
44 same old problem
45 monolithic vs. modular. openvpn is very monolithic (which is good
46 because it is simple to use)
47 but then is natural that the authors doesn't want to bloat it with too
48 many options.
49 In fact, routing is not strictly an issue of openvpn, since users may
50 prefer various techniques,
51 and hard coding one perhaps is not good.
53 Marko
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