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From: "Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò" <flameeyes@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] [RFC] Add ALSA_CARDS to USE_EXPAND
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 21:20:50
1 Today I added a 1.0.13_pre20061130 pre-release version of alsa-driver, and I
2 noticed that we currently don't have ALSA_CARDS as IUSE-expanded variable,
3 and that people aren't aware of which drivers are available during build.
5 An easy testing shows me that it works fine:
7 Calculating dependencies... done!
8 [ebuild R ] media-sound/alsa-driver-1.0.14_pre20061130 USE="-debug -doc
9 oss"
10 ALSA_CARDS="-ad1816a% -ad1848% -ad1848-lib% -ad1889% -adlib% -ali5451% -als100% -als300% -als4000% -aoa% -aoa-fabric-layout% -aoa-onyx% -aoa-soundbus% -aoa-soundbus-i2s% -aoa-tas% -aoa-toonie% -armaaci% -asihpi% -at91-soc% -at91-soc-eti-b1-wm8731% -atiixp% -atiixp-modem% -au1x00% -au8810% -au8820% -au8830% -azt2320% -azt3328%
11 bt87x%* -ca0106% -cmi8330% -cmipci% -cs4231% -cs4231-lib% -cs4232% -cs4236% -cs4281% -cs46xx% -cs5535audio% -darla20% -darla24% -dt019x% -dummy% -echo3g% -emu10k1% -emu10k1x% -ens1370% -ens1371% -es1688% -es18xx% -es1938% -es1968% -es968% -fm801% -fm801-tea575x% -gina20% -gina24% -gusclassic% -gusextreme% -gusmax% -harmony% -hda-intel% -hdsp% -hdspm% -ice1712% -ice1724% -indigo% -indigodj% -indigoio% -intel8x0% -intel8x0m% -interwave% -interwave-stb% -korg1212% -layla20% -layla24% -loopback% -maestro3% -mia% -miro% -mixart% -mona% -mpu401% -msnd-pinnacle% -mtpav% -mts64% -nm256% -opl3sa2% -opti92x-ad1848% -opti92x-cs4231% -opti93x% -pc98-cs4232% -pcsp% -pcxhr% -pdaudiocf% -pdplus% -portman2x4% -powermac% -pxa2xx-i2sound% -pxa2xx-soc% -pxa2xx-soc-corgi% -pxa2xx-soc-poodle% -pxa2xx-soc-spitz% -pxa2xx-soc-tosa% -riptide% -rme32% -rme96% -rme9652% -s3c2410% -sa11xx-uda1341% -sb16% -sb8% -sbawe% -seq-dummy% -serial-u16550% -serialmidi% -sgalaxy% -soc% -sonicvibes% -sscape% -sun-amd7930% -sun-cs4231% -sun-dbri% -trident% -usb-audio% -usb-usx2y%
12 via82xx%* -via82xx-modem% -virmidi% -vx222% -vxpocket% -wavefront% -ymfpci%"
13 0 kB
15 and the concern that stopped me last time (we use ALSA_CARDS useflag not the
16 single value with use function) is now gone (portage 2.1.1 handle this fine
17 even if users change the values using package.use as they were useflags --
18 checked it myself, it works).
20 Anybody has any reason not to add this to USE_EXPAND ?
22 --
23 Diego "Flameeyes" Pettenò -
24 Gentoo/Alt lead, Gentoo/FreeBSD, Video, Sound, ALSA, PAM, KDE, CJK, Ruby ...


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