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From: Joachim Breuer <jmbreuer@×××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Stupid question regarding 'fixpackages'
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 10:28:35
1 Hello!
3 Just something I notice here: Whenever I run fixpackages, all global
4 updates are apparently re-applied to all binary packages (i.e. all
5 headings 3Q-2002 up through 4Q-2003 are shown - in order by now - all
6 followed by a number of dots which seems to correspond to the number
7 of operations listed in the update file, and followed by a number of
8 asterisks which seems to correspond to the number of binary packages.
10 Now, my question is: Shouldn't fixpackages 'stabilize', i.e. not
11 perform global updates it has already performed? The way it is now I'd
12 hate to think what an upgrade will be like a year or two from now...
13 If this 'stabilizing' cannot be done I'd like to know for what reason,
14 perhaps I'd want to take a look whether there really isn't an useful
15 optimization.
17 To clarify the scenario:
19 I 'emerge sync && emerge -ubkD system && emerge -ubkD world &&
20 fixpackages' on 2003/08/10, and see the update 3Q-2002 through 3Q-2003
21 applied. Today I run the same command line again to bring my system up
22 to date, and see the updates 3Q-2002 through 3Q-2003, which have
23 already been applied to all binary packages on 03/08/10 being applied
24 again. Shouldn't it be sufficient to only apply 4Q-2003, or at least
25 only those updates that have been modified since 03/08/10? (mtime
26 of /usr/portage/profiles/updates/*)
28 Is what I'm seeing the current correct behavior, or does for some
29 reason a time-stamp file on my system not get updated?
31 Trimming down the number of binary packages is not really an option,
32 as I (1) like to quickly 'fall back' on an early version of a package
33 if there turn out to be problems and (2) share virtually the same
34 gentoo installation over a number of machines with identical
35 architecture, so usually I let one of the little-used machines do the
36 ebuilds and let emerge simply install the binary packages on the other
37 machines.
40 Thanks a lot for any comments, and kudos for providing *the* useable
41 distribution!
44 So long,
45 Joe
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49 word processor."
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