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From: "Michael J. Cohen" <mjc@××××××.biz>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Proposal: networking startup script rewrite
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 02:16:52
1 > I'm not really sure what you regard as the failings of the current
2 > /init.d/net configuration. I have to say that I spent a couple of days
3 > struggling with it myself, and although I did whine about it at the
4 > time (see my postings <>) the upshot is that I
5 > rather like it the way it is.
7 Having /etc/init.d/net.eth[1,2,..] installed by the user does not mean that it
8 is automagically updated with a new install or with etc-update.
10 only basic configuration is achieved with the current setup.
12 etc-updating 99 files is a pain, but it often happens when upgrading
13 baselayout, etc. If a user wipes out his configs for iptables etc by
14 overwriting accidentally, he is in a bind. However if we do not provide a /
15 etc/conf.d/net and only a /etc/conf.d/net.sample; this is allievated.
17 > I'd agree that if a script to call `brctl` appropriately was installed
18 > by net-misc/bridge-utils then it would make configuration a lot easier,
19 > but this is a simple addition to a single package, rather than a
20 > rewrite of the whole framework. I really would like to see such an
21 > inclusion, considering that the bridging code is, I believe,
22 > incorporated into the upcoming 2.6.
24 Currently, there are several unrelated scripts for each userspace networking
25 tool. iptables, (your proposed bridge-utils), ipsec...
26 This is a bit backwards, and it relies on the initscripts' ability to order
27 correctly. If we load net as one script, we know exactly what is going on
28 and in what order and thus might be able to speed up booting by backgrounding
29 processes that are known to potentially take time.
31 The new system would most likely call the related /etc/init.d/bridge script or
32 similar in order to set things up, rather than invoking brctl directly. This
33 would save some headaches with updating the script every time we package up
34 some new network tool.
36 > Bridging works fine here & fairly seamlessly with the current
37 > framework. I found that everything fell into place once I moved
38 > /etc/conf.d/net to /etc/conf.d/net.eth0 & /etc/conf.d/net.eth1, so that
39 > it's contents (particularly with respect to gateways) are ignored by my
40 > /etc/conf.d/net.br0 script. Not much in addition is required to get
41 > everything up & running - I would have been glad to provide my scripts,
42 > if I had seen your posting to -user.
44 What about wireless + roaming, advanced routing/bridging, ipsec, vpns, vlans,
45 pppoe... all of these things either are not supported or are broken up into
46 tiny bits of configuration files everywhere. It would be much easier if we
47 had one manual with plenty of examples and one configuration file for people
48 to edit. Not only is it easier on the developers, but it is easier on the
49 user for updates and for configuration. The user no longer needs to hunt
50 down where he made what change to what interface in what file.
52 > I don't know much (erm... well, anything) about VLANs, so I'm probably
53 > missing some of your reasoning against the current system. Actually, I
54 > don't know much about anything, so maybe you could explain (like an RFC
55 > or a GLEP, maybe?), listing the problems of the current system & how
56 > your solution would resolve them..?
58 It was mentioned to me that it was quite challenging to add VLAN suport into
59 the current net scripts.
61 > I'm sorry if I seem biased or antagonistic, but really don't like the
62 > idea of uniting the network scripts in anyway like you describe. I may
63 > have struggled with them myself, but that's only because I'm so
64 > incompetent - I got there in the end. I once tried parsing one of
65 > Mandrake's network initialisation scripts, but floundered wildly - with
66 > Gentoo you know intuitively to look for iptables stuff in
67 > /etc/conf.d/iptables and so on.
69 Seems like it would make more sense to me if /etc/conf.d/net was your one stop
70 shop for all your networking needs.
72 > The only improvements I'd no ask for in the init scripts are more
73 > commenting - I'm firmly of the school that believes in 2 lines of
74 > comments for every line of code. I'd like to see all code
75 > human-readable for a newbie to the language.
77 Agreed. sometimes 5 or 6 is warranted for things like sed. :)
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80 Michael
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