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From: "Hastings
To: "'gentoo-dev@g.o'" <gentoo-dev@g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] portage packages for download?
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 11:05:11
1 Hello,
2 I've been using slackware 8 for some time and have recently been playing
3 around with various distributions (suse 7.3, redhat 7.2, etc...).
5 I've been following progress of your project and with this new release am
6 very excited!
8 My problem is that my current ISP availability doesn't afford a straight PPP
9 dialup, and I can't do that with work, either. Consequently, I haven't
10 upgraded my modem at home to a linux compatible modem.
12 Now, I have a high speed connection at work and could download an ISO, and
13 would like to do so for the base installation.
15 The question I have is this - is there any way to download the portage
16 packages/tarballs and install them from a cd? If this isn't an option, then
17 I'm not going to be able to try this for some time.
19 I love slackware, but I'm constantly spending hours weeding through packages
20 that I have no need for, and compiling and re-compiling kernels. Your
21 method of WHOLLY configured for MY system would be much preferred.
23 If you can offer assisstance in this area in the form of direction to a
24 mirror to access these files, it would be most appreciated.
26 Thanks!
27 Ben Hastings
28 CPM/Software Test Analyst
29 Science Direct
30 1-800-227-9597 x58538


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