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From: Alexander Berntsen <bernalex@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Facilitating user contributed ebuilds (Was: [gentoo-dev] The future of the Sunrise project)
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2016 13:17:12
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4 Friends,
6 It would be wise of us to create a novel way of involving users from
7 the ashes of Sunrise.
9 Here is my suggestion: It would be fruitful to encourage every single
10 Gentoo user to have their own repository. And this repository should
11 be publicly available.
13 This way we can merge useful things from people, and they can submit
14 pull-requests if they have useful things that are not in the tree.
15 Before merging anything to the main tree, ebuilds should of course be
16 carefully reviewed. Users could also review each other's ebuilds to
17 ensure better quality ebuilds.
19 This could lead to a future where the Gentoo tree is largely
20 superseded. Every user would just have their own repository, where
21 they could pick and choose packages from other users. The Gentoo tree
22 would just focus on a high-quality repository of the basic/core things
23 that everybody needs. Gentoo devs would spend most of their time
24 maintaining curated small and useful repositories.
27 While there is some work to be done to facilitate my suggestion, it
28 should be a lot less work than Sunrise was. What we need short-term is
29 simply documentation where we encourage users to have their own
30 repositories that are available online. Next up would be setting
31 Portage up to expect a user repository from the get go. The initial
32 personal tree could be fork of the Gentoo tree with a remote 'gentoo'
33 that they can pull from (emerge could do this automatically). This
34 way, users who do not care at all, can just use Gentoo like they do
35 today.
37 The final step is the most difficult (but then again we might never
38 get so far). It is two-fold. First we make the core/base repository.
39 Then we identify important subsets that can be logically separated
40 into repositories, and do this.
42 Parallel to all this, we should work on tooling. It is unreasonable to
43 expect people to be git experts to be effective. The workflows for
44 managing user repositories doesn't need the full power of git anyway.
45 It would also be good to offer hosting insofar as possible to a set of
46 curated repositories we consider to be of high quality.
49 In the end, Gentoo might make a gigantic leap into the future with a
50 truly modular distribution. If anyone wants to look at distros that
51 get this more right than Gentoo, have a look at e.g. NixOS and Exherbo.
53 What are your thoughts?
54 - --
55 Alexander
56 bernalex@g.o
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