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From: R0b0t1 <r030t1@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o, bsd@g.o, ppc@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] PowerPC Resources at OSU
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2017 04:29:18
1 Hello,
3 (This will be almost a duplicate on the PPC list, but now having more
4 information I am sending it to the BSD list as well.)
6 I apologize in advance if I did anything improper. I misunderstood
7 desultory when I asked him what to do earlier. Originally I was
8 unwilling to try to associate myself with Gentoo for the purpose of
9 this request but I wasn't referred to anyone who could fill out the
10 form "for" me.
12 Having requested OpenPOWER hosting from OSUOSL on Gentoo's behalf, I
13 was informed that hosting is already provided to the project.
14 Consequently I have two questions:
16 1) May I have access to a/the POWER server, or some other suitable
17 POWER resource? If not,
18 2) is anyone available to verify that I am associated with the project
19 or that I will use the resources for project related work?
22 For any comment to OSU, such as to request closure of the ticket or
23 that they go ahead with allocating the VM, please comment and I will
24 forward the support ticket to you.
27 My intent is to experiment with the PowerPC architecture, specifically
28 features found on newer POWER processors and servers. It is unlikely I
29 will ever get to do this on my own as the machines run $10k-$30k. I
30 requested services from OSU because GCC was not able to accommodate my
31 request for hypervisor access on their system.
33 However, having finally found the resources I've been looking for this
34 whole time, it looks like OSU's nodes are virtualized and won't be
35 able to do exactly what I want anyway (i.e. the GCC sysadmin was
36 misinformed), so I may have accidentally wasted people's time and
37 potentially tarnished Gentoo's reputation. I will make amends as best
38 I can.
40 IBM is willing to fund a node for my use and OSU is willing to deploy
41 it pending contact from Gentoo leadership. If there is a machine that
42 already exists that I would not disrupt, I would have no problems
43 working on existing resources instead if that seems reasonable. The
44 GCC server(s) are probably adequate, however I am having lots of
45 problems setting up a prefix on those systems because they use CentOS.
46 I am trying to fix bugs as best as I am able but it is starting to
47 look hopeless.
49 Excess resources on the donated OSU OpenPOWER machine could be offered
50 to other developers or used to run a Tinderbox. It may be a good idea
51 to do those things on the already existing machine(s).
53 Respectfully,
54 R0b0t1


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