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From: (Steven R. Baker)
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Distribution Name
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 19:45:45
I thought gentoo was short for Generation 2, what do I know.

I think Dan was joking. :P

	At home I use a dual-boot mandrake/win2000 machine and have
	been boasting about how I only use Linux for my personal and
	eBusiness consulting (eCommerce websites) But the other day a
	client needed a complex org-chart type map of a project and
	after spending a hour time with DIA I rebooted and spent 15
	minutes with the Visio spreadsheet -> org chart wizard. Visio
	isn't free but I never regretted buying it.

There is plenty of other Free Software you could have beenusing.
GNOME and related apps are usually poor examples of good Free
Software. :P  For instance, you could've been using Lout.

You should have regretted buying it.  What if your neighbour wants a
copy of Visio.  Can you legally give him a copy?  It's a well known
fact that no program can ever be known to be bug free, what happens
when you find a crippling bug in Visio?  And don't say they don't
exist, because they do.

You keep saying ``Linux'', and judging from the context, I'm going to
assume that you were referring to the operating system, GNU/Linux.

	I guess my point is that while I consider myself an decent
	open source/GNU advocate I do not personally nor do I
	recommend others use only open source software.  I do,
	however, strive to ensure that all the software I develop, as
	well as what is developed around me, is "Free".

You should recommend that others use only Free Software.  I use only
Free Software, and have for years, and I don't feel left out in the


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