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From: Stuart Herbert <stuart@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] where goes Gentoo?
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 22:32:01
1 > There have been some really interesting points brought up recently
2 > about "where is Gentoo going?"
4 It feels like this topic comes up every year :)
6 > I have been wondering that myself.
7 > Some people seem to think that Gentoo has the potential to be an
8 > enterprise player.
10 Maybe, maybe not ... but I don't see why we couldn't do a little bit
11 more to make it easier for others to use us as a base.
13 Isn't that what *we're* about - being a metadistribution?
15 > I think that attempting to take Gentoo in the "enterprise" direction
16 > is a mistake. I think that we are a hobbyist distribution. This
17 > doesn't mean that we should not strive to meet some of the enterprise
18 > goals. Those things can be important to hobbyists too. But I don't
19 > think we should be aiming for corporate America.
21 We have groups focusing in other directions. If there's a group of
22 people who want to make Gentoo enterprise-friendly, why not let them do
23 so?
25 > I don't even understand why that goal appeals to people.
27 An enterprise-friendly Gentoo appeals to me personally because I find
28 those problems interesting. They're problems that I enjoy learning
29 about, and trying to solve. I have enterprise experience both technical
30 and managerial, and I find the whole domain fascinating.
32 > Let other distros go there!
34 If you mean let other distros go to the place with suits and support
35 contracts and backporting, I agree. I want to see an
36 enterprise-friendly Gentoo, but I want to see the corporate risks and
37 costs taken on by third-parties outside the project.
39 > I want Gentoo to run in people's homes, in student
40 > dorm rooms, etc.
42 Well, yes, to a point, but (without intending to offend anyone) you can
43 learn a lot more by learning to setup a web server cluster than you can
44 running a web server in your bedroom. F.ex, in the bedroom, /home/httpd
45 seems as good a place as any to put your website. It's only when you
46 learn how to build larger systems that you can understand the merits of
47 moving to /var/www/<FQDN> or better still the /srv tree.
49 Part of my motivation is educational.
51 I believe that Gentoo can play an important educational role in people's
52 lives. I want a Gentoo distribution that can grow with a user's
53 experience and needs, not one that the ultimately have to move away from
54 because someone decided for those of us who are interested that we're
55 not going there.
57 And I think Gentoo can play an equally important educational role in
58 developers' lives too.
60 > Places where people want a fun distribution that
61 > they can tailor and work on easily.
63 Amen. I never want us to lose any of those points.
65 > I'd like Gentoo to be a place where neat things are developed.
67 Aren't we really a place where neat things are packaged up?
69 > Also I find it amusing when people say that Gentoo exists for the
70 > users. I think that is wrong. Gentoo exists for the *developers*.
71 > It's our playground, and it's the reason we use a live tree rather
72 > than switching to an actually sane approach. The users are cool
73 > because they point out bugs, help solve problems on bugzilla, suggest
74 > enhancements, provide patches, and notify us of package updates.
75 > Sometimes they become developers. But the truth is that Gentoo sees
76 > improvement and maintenance in the areas that appeal to the
77 > developers. And that is why Gentoo exists for the developers first,
78 > the users second.
80 I agree that it's our developers who drive Gentoo, and not really our
81 users - simply because it's the developers who volunteer their time to
82 work on the things that interest them.
84 But I'm personally not comfortable with "it's our playground" being the
85 accepted approach to *everything*. I've been away from Gentoo for
86 awhile, and on coming back, I've been shocked and disgusted with what
87 seems to pass as acceptable treatment of users these days.
89 I think Gentoo needs a little more "it's about the users" than we have
90 right now just to keep us from collectively going off the rails.
92 Best regards,
93 Stu
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