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From: "John N. Laliberte" <allanonjl@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Cc: allanonjl@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Resolution - GTK Useflag Situation
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 15:51:55
1 Hello everyone,
3 The GNOME herd has discussed and come to an agreement about the gtk
4 useflag situation.
6 Please keep comments technical and on topic.
8 The solution:
9 There will be just one use flag, gtk. The gtk2 use flag is now
10 deprecated.
12 Reasons:
13 * gtk2 was a temporary solution, was a bad idea, and gave the impression
14 that you could control the toolkit installed on your system.
15 * useflags should never tell you what toolkit version the application is
16 in. ( ie, imagine if all useflags had a version number appended to them! )
17 * the maintainer can decide which version of the gtk gui is *stable*, and
18 use that by default. ( its really only one at any one time, right now for
19 most packages its gtk-2 )
21 Why gtk1 ... gtkn is not the best solution:
22 * use flags were designed to enable/disable optional features, not to
23 allow/deny installation of specific packages ( such as gtk-1)
24 * gtk2 was never supposed to mean "i want to use gtk-2 only" - as the
25 description says in use.desc, "Use gtk+-2.0.0 over gtk+-1.2 in cases where
26 a program supports both."
27 * as an example ( by leonardop )
28 "I may include "-kde -qt -arts" in the USE variable, but if I emerge,
29 say, umbrello, it will emerge qt. I may use "-expat xml2" but if I
30 emerge, e.g. openoffice, it will end up emerging expat, and so forth."
31 * "but you are taking away choice!" - If a program has both GTK2 and GTK3
32 interfaces, there are many ways to allow for testing of the experimental
33 interface. For instance, package.mask with a revision number.
34 * we do not support unstable upstream builds, and at any one time, there
35 is only one "stable" interface that maps directly to only 1 toolkit.
37 How to keep gtk1 off of your system:
38 * use the proper, built in methods for this: add "=x11-libs/gtk+-1*" to
39 /etc/portage/package.mask.
40 * get in touch with the upstream developer ( or take over the project
41 yourself if upstream if dead ) and contribute to porting the project to
42 the latest toolkit.
44 So whats affected?
45 Attached is a list of packages affected by this change. ferringb was nice
46 enough to generate one :)
48 We will be opening a bug has all these packages and CC'ing the involved
49 people.
51 Thanks!
52 John N. Laliberte (AllanonJL ) & the GNOME herd


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