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From: chinlu chinawa <chinluchinawa@××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] splash-utils question
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 18:21:35
1 Hi,
3 First of all might need to say that I'm not myself a
4 gentoo user.
6 I've just been trying to implement
7 fbsplash/splash-utils within my distro, which is a
8 custom lfs.
10 I've compiled last version of splash-utils with
11 mng-support, against klc-1.2. The kernel I'm using is
12 2.6.14 (patched as well against vsa-tng).
14 I've tried without success make all of this run
15 properly, but I find the following problems, maybe
16 anyone can bring some light on this:
18 I can't see any text as specified on the config file
19 when I boot form a cpio (splash_geninitramfs) image.
21 I've been trying activating either vesafb and
22 vesa-tng, toghether with different options on the
23 command-line, such as video=.....,tty:[number], plus
24 different combinations of console=tty[number], and
25 CONSOLE=/dev/tty[number], with no success at all.
27 The thing is, when I try locally, this works. I mean
28 if I start splash_util in daemon mode, set the silent
29 tty to it's proper number (usually /dev/tty8), the
30 text labels specified on the my cfg file are rendered,
31 not so when I generate a cpio image with
32 splash_geninitramfs, and boot it.
34 I can also see icons in *local-mode*, better said,
35 start and stop services, which I couldn't try yet
36 within a cpio image.
38 Another question I've got is, how is mng-support
39 used?, I've been looking at splash-utils' source code,
40 and can guess a anim option whithin the cfg file could
41 be something like this:
43 anim [silent|verbose] [once|loop] path_to_file x y
45 Although for sure the're something short or not
46 correct at all, I'm just talking from memory.
48 Could anyone tell something about? I'll really
49 appreciate it.
51 I've been hardly googling for this, but it seems like
52 between the original bootsplash, different versions
53 and specs form spock through out
54 fbsplash/gensplash/splash-utils development, plus my
55 basic knowledge about programming, turns available
56 documentation into a complete mess.
58 King Regards,
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