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From: "Felix E. Klee" <felix.klee.gen-dev@×××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Protest against software patents: Your help is needed
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 23:03:13
1 Dear Gentoo Developers,
3 some of you might have heard already that the FFII is organizing
4 some last minute protest against Software Patent legalization in the EU
5 (the European Parliament plans to vote on this topic in the beginning of
6 September, possibly as early as September 1st). In addition to a
7 demonstration and conference in Brussels the FFII is encouraging free
8 software projects and others to participate in an online demonstration.
9 For more information read:
10 (General press release)
11 (Online Demo)
13 As a member of the FFII I'm trying to spread the news about this online
14 demonstration and try to motivate free software projects to participate
15 in it. However, contacting all possible candidates individually is a
16 tedious task. Therefore, a fellow FFII member recently had the idea to
17 ask maintainers of Debian packages to help us out:
19 A systematic way to do it might be sending a mail to
20 debian-devel (I guess that's the list) and ask each debian developer
21 to please send a message to upstream maintainers or file a bug (a
22 political system bug which can kill the project) against the project
23 they maintain to ask them to join the online demo.
25 I already contacted Debian, but then Gentoo (and others) came into my
26 mind as well. So: Could some of you please help us? I appended a sample
27 text below that maintainers/developers could use when contacting the
28 projects that they are affiliated with.
30 To make a message more convincing it might be a good idea to find a
31 patent a project is infringing upon. Just take a look at the Software
32 Patent Horror Gallery (, the patent
33 database of the European Patent Office at
34 (includes US and other patents), or, if you understand German,
35 Note that many trivial patents
36 ( are already granted in the US and, in
37 spite of the current legislation, in the EU (see Art. 52 of the European
38 Patent Convention).
40 Felix
43 Sample message:
45 Subject: Could ... help protest against SWPats?
47 Hi,
49 as you might have heard the FFII ( is organizing a
50 demonstration and conference on August 27th (see the latest press
51 release at The
52 goal is to make people and MEPs (members of the European parliament)
53 aware of the dangers surrounding the legalization of software patents
54 that may be up for vote in the European Parliament as early as September
55 1st. The main part of the event will take place in Brussels. In addition
56 there will be an "online demonstration" whose idea is to simulate the
57 effects of Software Patents by shutting down web sites on August 27th
58 (
60 Is there any chance that the ...... project participates in this event?
61 Note that the ....... web site doesn't need to be closed down
62 completely. On there are
63 several examples on how it's possible to show ones concerns without
64 taking such drastic measures, but there's no need to stick to the
65 examples.
67 Regards,
69 ......
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