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From: "C. Brewer" <cbrewer@×××××××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] udev implementation
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 05:56:30
1 I tried out the 0.2 version of udev today, and I realize that its way rough
2 so early in the development, but I must say I was disappointed with it's
3 current implementation ( and the lousy attitude of the udev FAQ "if you don't
4 like it stick with devfs" didn't help). Currently I have some small concerns
5 about adopting this as a whole ( somewhere on down the line)-
7 1)The present package consists of a tarball with just about every device node
8 you could make (excepting small things like sound, ppp, more than 4 ttyS*'s)
9 Is this going to be a standard, or will some form of intuitive /dev entries be
10 imp'd? IIRC, the tarball is about 1.4k device nodes, and I think I need 100
11 on the outside.
13 2) Since this won't automatically create these nodes ( unless a hotplug event
14 occurs), or load the dependent modules, doesn't this seem like a step back to
15 the old system, but with a name-mapping steroided hotplug?
17 3) Don't get me wrong..I'm not flaming the package,and I realize devfs is crap
18 as well..but the score is devfsd( crap but makes nodes and loads mods on the
19 fly) and udev (maps names and supposedly does stuff with hotplugging that
20 hotplug never amounted to.( and is dev'd by the hotplug peeps?ironic)). All
21 that aside, what is udev going to do for the desktop? I have devices I could
22 swap(USB) but with most comps coming with like 6 usb ports, I cant see more
23 than some pendrive swapping at user level. Yeah, I know theres peeps out
24 there with 80 pendrives and 8 hot-swappable hdd's, but is this the majority
25 of users? For the likely many of us who dont need to swap and have had the
26 same hardware on the same nodes that dont ever change..what does udev bring
27 to the table?
29 Forgive me if I've gone delusional.. I was just under the impression that udev
30 was going to do everything that devfsd does now _and_ add name mapping, and
31 apparently I was wrong. I'm just planning for the future since seeing the
32 udev changes going into our init system.. we got no choice about the devfs
33 and I feel it's going the same way for udev. I'm not trying to slight the
34 obviously hard work that was put into it, but what about choice? to devfs or
35 not to devfs? to udev or not to udev? Or is it merely choice with package
36 selection, and not with the overall package that is Gentoo?
38 Criticism appreciated, discussion welcomed, craziness and flames- please pipe
39 to /dev/null:)
40 --
41 Chuck Brewer
42 Registered Linux User #284015
43 Get my gpg public key at!! Encrypted e-mail preferred.


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