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From: Nick Jones <carpaski@××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o, gentoo-user@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Portage-2.0.47-r4 -- Testing
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 12:17:06
1 Portage-2.0.47-r4 is out for testing. It's masked in package.mask as
2 always. This one should be ready for public release. Test please and
3 give me feedback.
5 This one is mostly cleanups of 2.0.47-r3 and fixes to the changes from
6 group wheel to group portage. Note that all actions are now preceded by
7 '--' and are effectively flags.
9 --NJ
11 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
13 25 Feb 2003; Nicholas Jones <carpaski@g.o> *: Update docs and help
14 to match the deprecation of actions without '--' preceding them.
16 25 Feb 2003; Nicholas Jones <carpaski@g.o> Message
17 updates. Fix secpass for portage user. Set PORTAGE_GID for to
18 use regardless of GID in use (wheel/portage). Only try and delete things
19 in PORTAGE_TMPDIR if we have perms to do it... see secpass note. Moved the
20 cachedir creation after settings in created so that we can use spawn instead
21 of system for the calls to 'chown/chmod -R'. Fix the note on make.defaults.
22 Fix for the 404 catcher in the fetch code.
24 25 Feb 2003; Nicholas Jones <carpaski@g.o> emerge: Move all actions
25 into '--action' form -- Notify of deprecated usages. Moved the functions
26 from the top of emerge down below the command line parser for readability.
27 Kill FEATURES=noauto if we're running emerge -- it can break things. Make
28 -U imply -u so people aren't confused. --debug now enables all debug
29 variables in portage. Fix wheel/portage group requirements messages. Get
30 the current portage version when doing rsync via the portage tree's files
31 and not the loaded cache so that it is aware of changes immediately instead
32 of the next run.
34 25 Feb 2003; Nicholas Jones <carpaski@g.o> Try to change
35 to good a good path at the start of the ebuild to prevent operations from
36 happening in places like home. After the ebuild's install phase, check to
37 see if any unsafe perm combo's exist and die if they do. Fix permissions
38 on the cachedir as we're changing them to root:portage. &> on environment
39 file prevented it from actually creating the file -- changed to 2>. Change
40 'true' to 'exit 0' to be a bit more explicit about what we're doing.
42 24 Feb 2003; Alain Penders <alain@g.o> repoman: Added
43 nested/sub-shell die testing.
45 23 Feb 2003; Alain Penders <alain@g.o>: Added bin/portageq tool to
46 provide access to portage internal information without using APIs that
47 are changing. All tools that currently access portage information by
48 importing and poking around in it should switch to using this
49 tool instead. Changed some tools in bin/ to use it, so those won't break
50 either.
52 --
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