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From: Kevin Gordon <kgordon@××××××××××××.nz>
To: Gentoo-dev <gentoo-dev@g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] build rc6 r14
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 12:18:51
Message-Id: 000c01c18f67$52d9e660$0501010a@kgpro
1 Last month I completed a comprehensive install of Debian Woody (Testing).
2 Although I was happy with the outcome, it was a long journey moving from
3 potato to woody. It also included moving from X version 3.x to version 4.x
4 (restructuring the links, manually removing the effect of version 3) and gpm
5 caused my mouse to jump around in gnome. But I guess you don't wish to hear
6 about Debian.
8 This month I installed Gentoo build -r11 via wvdial. I completed the install
9 instructions and rebooted all ok. Later while preparing to install
10 applications I guess I rebooted and the ext2 boot partition was corrupted. I
11 am certain I did not turn the power off without shutting down. Odd. However
12 I used fsck which advised "super block faulty /dev/BOOT" an used e2fsck -b
13 8193 /dev/sda7 but in running #lilo I was plagued with "Fatal: First boot
14 sector is version 21.7. Expecting version 22.1". But I guess you don't wish
15 to hear about my problems with Lilo!
17 So I downloaded build -r14 and used mkreiserfs for the first time! I'm not
18 ready to give up on Lilo yet (via Windows 2000). Yes a good install. Thank
19 you! An excellent install of Gentoo via wvdial (followed by an install of X
20 version 4.x by placing a '*' at the beginning of the x11-base/xfree-4 line
21 in the file /etc/make.profile/packages).
23 I like 'emerge system'. I am not keen on downloading 620+MB cd via a 56KB
24 ISP. Have you thought about 'emerge desktop-kde' 'emerge desktop-gnome'
25 'emerge server' 'emerge developer' etc with options
26 like --FetchFirst --NoConfig etc. I was tempted to expand
27 /etc/make.profile/packages to include the packages I would like but I an
28 ignorant re Gentoo.
30 Hence the attached script file "kgget". It contains 300+ lines of
31 "emerge --noreplace --fetchonly xxxxxxx.ebuild". Some of the lines do not
32 work because I have not changed the version numbers and / or checked the
33 locations in the /usr/portage tree. In the main it works very well.
35 Here are some problem areas (some may be currently masked out packages?):
36 - powertweak-0.1.17-r1 but this has an incoming ebuild.
37 - cdrecord-1.9-r3 message no digest but it has got one.
38 - gtk-xemacs-21.1.12-p3 message fetch failed.
39 - sgml2x-0.11-r1 message not found.
40 - unixODBC-2.0.8 message not found
41 - xt-1 aborted virtual/jdk not found
42 - gtk-engines-0.12-r1 no digest problem with Xenophilia-1.2.x.
43 - sawfish-themes-0.0.1 not found
44 - bitchx-gtk --> ircii-pana-1.Oct18 no digest.
45 - amaya-4.1-r1 portage/amaya not found
46 - gtoaster --> problem with virtual/jdk-1.3.
47 - 3 or so packages not found tcl-tk-8.4.2.
49 I am not concerned about these problems, so not to worry if they are not
50 clear comments or you do not have time. Please run the script if you have
51 time.
53 Thank you for Gentoo.


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