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From: Mike Gardiner <obz@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Docbook XML/XSL Fixes
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 08:03:08
Message-Id: 1070891725.2377.33.camel@zen
1 Hi,
3 Firstly I'd like to apologise for taking a while to get around to the
4 docbook-xml situation. I'm quite surprised things have survived this
5 long without too many errors, although the number of bugs related to
6 xsl-stylesheets have been steadily growing over the last month or so.
7 I'd like to outline the current problems, and my fixes for the
8 docbook-xml/xsl catalogs before I commit them, to allow for some
9 feedback.
11 For some bugzilla background, see bugs [1], [2], and [3] for
12 xsl-stylesheets, and [4] for an outline of the docbook-xml-dtd problem.
13 Keep in mind the two aren't mutually exclusive. The xsl-stylesheets
14 problems are almost certainly due to the references installed in
15 /etc/xml/catalog by docbook-xml-dtd's 'automagic' (or not) catalog
16 creating script, build-docbook-catalog.
19 The basic problems currently are:
20 o incorrect build-docbook-catalog for docbook-xml-dtd-4.2
21 o docbook-xml-dtd versions are slotted, but both install a common file
22 (build-docbook-catalog)
23 o xsl-stylesheets installed versions not being reflected in the
24 catalog, of which the culprit is most likely,
25 o multiple locations of the catalog definitions (the ebuilds
26 themselves, and build-docbook-catalog)
29 I'd like to address these issues in the following ways:
30 docbook-xml-dtd:
31 o version 4.2 'build-docbook-catalog' script /fix
32 o versioning the build-docbook-catalog script with SLOT as
33 build-docbook-catalog-${PVR}
34 o remove the cataloging of the xsl-stylesheets from the
35 build-docbook-catalog-${PVR} scripts
38 docbook-xsl-stylesheets:
39 o handle the stylesheets refs in /etc/xml/catalog in the
40 xsl-stylesheets ebuilds only, not in the build-docbook-catalog-${PVR}
41 scripts.
42 o provide a common /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xsl-stylesheets symlink to
43 the currently installed version
44 o refer to this symlink for the catalog reference 'current' in
45 /etc/xml/catalog.
48 I have implemented all of these fixes locally with success, but haven't
49 pushed the big red button on them yet, and would prefer some feedback
50 before I do. However, I also realise this stuff might not actually be of
51 interest to a lot of people, who would just dearly like it to work and
52 not make too much noise.
54 The plan therefore will be to wait a short time, say until about midday
55 UTC Wednesday, before I plan on committing the changes (they will be in
56 ~arch).
58 I'm open to all suggestions/flames/ideas,
59 Regards.
61 Mike
62 (Obz).
64 [1]:
65 [2]:
66 [3]:
67 [4]:
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