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From: Daniel Robbins <drobbins@g.o>
To: Joshua Brindle <method@g.o>
Cc: gentoo-core@g.o, gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: [gentoo-core] *IMPORTANT* top-level management structure!
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 17:27:39
1 On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 11:02:00AM -0500, Joshua Brindle wrote:
2 > i'd like the managers here to speak, authoritatively, what the ultimate delagations
3 > will be within this category. I know it was intentionally left vague in the draft but
4 > I want to know right now what the intended organization of the "gentoo-linux"
5 > subproject,
7 Well, first, we don't have any intentions other than to ensure than that we
8 move from an "adhocracy" to a well-organized development project. Meaning
9 that existing roles and responsibilities of developers within the Gentoo
10 Linux project will be fully respected and reflected in the organization as
11 this plan is implemented.
13 The only exception to this rule are for those developers who are actively
14 looking to have *fewer* responsibilities in certain areas. For example,
15 top-level managers will generally be looking to be released from their
16 day-to-day development responsibilities. We can expect there to be
17 exceptions to this too, as I don't expect pvdabeel to stop managing
18 Gentoo/PPC, or you to stop managing Gentoo/BSD, unless at some point one of
19 you decides that you would rather focus on other areas.
21 The goal isn't to impose a radically redesigned structure but to ensure that
22 the "structure" we currently have, what exists of it, becomes more clearly
23 defined, with clearly documented roles and authorities for our projects, and
24 that regular meetings and status updates are established, as well as mutual
25 accountability to one another. We suffer from lack of organization, not lack
26 of ability. I have full confidence in the technical ability of our team and
27 I know that everyone has been trying as best they can to get things done
28 under the current environment.
30 Obviously, along the way, we'll find some areas of Gentoo Linux that need
31 more definition. It will be the authority of our respective sub-project
32 leads to provide additional organization to these efforts, which can be done
33 by recursively implementing the management structure.
35 One suggestion reflected in the gentoo-linux project list is subdividing
36 larger arch projects into stable and unstable development efforts, thus
37 ensuring that we have teams ensuring that both parts of our tree are
38 working optimally. This will likely happen for x86, as I think that seemant
39 and I will agree that it makes sense. And this will also allow us to
40 delegate authority and responsibilties to the x86 and ~x86 project leads.
42 As for whether it happens in other arches, that is up to the arch lead. So
43 for PPC, this would be considered an internal matter of the PPC project and
44 would be decided by pvdabeel. He could establish a ppc/~ppc organizational
45 structure, or any other structure for PPC, as he sees fit, at a time he sees
46 fit, if at all.
48 As for the final sub-project list, it is going to reflect the current
49 efforts under way, so that means that we will have sub-projects for KDE,
50 GNOME and others. All existing efforts will be reflected in the new
51 structure.
53 There will also be opportunities to improve things somewhat. For example, it
54 could be a good thing to have an "x86-core" group that focuses on "core"
55 stuff like gcc, binutils, glibc, bootstrapping, baselayout and the default
56 system profile. Seemant and I are going to be focusing primarily on "x86"
57 organization. PowerPC, alpha, sparc, mips, hppa as well as KDE, GNOME and
58 other project organization will be the responsibility of the respective
59 project leads. I expect there to be some general tie-in with our herd
60 organizational efforts to define project roles.
62 > So, i'm asking, right now for the managers mentioned for gentoo-linux to give
63 > some expected organization. Thanks :)
65 I hope that what I wrote up there ^^^^ helped :)
67 Best Regards,
69 --
70 Daniel Robbins
71 Chief Architect, Gentoo Linux