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From: Christian Hergl <weehawk@×××××××.de>
To: Gentoo Mailinglist <gentoo-dev@××××××××××.org>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Installing 1.0-rc6-r9 on Vaio Laptop
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 02:41:17
1 Greetings list,
3 two days ago I started to install the r9 build of the rc6 on my Sony
4 Vaio N505X. Special Problem: It only got ONE PCMCIA slot, where the
5 cdrom hooks in. Here are some remarks about during and after installing:
7 1. Problem: Got a pcmcia network card and a pcmcia cdrom. The cd image
8 boots fine, but... can't mount the cdrom (isn't recognized by the kernel
9 after it takes control, though the ramdisk loads fine). So I wanted to
10 go over a fat or ntfs partition. Suprise: the gentoo kernel can't mount
11 any other filesystem.
12 Now, after long thinking and a different solution (lotsa different
13 bootdisks), I found a file called /etc/filesystems. Does it help if I
14 put the fat and ntfs line in there?
15 Of course, it has to be in the kernel. I think lots of install problems
16 could be easier solved if one has the possibility to go over fat and
17 ntfs partitions. Any reason why that'S not in the gentoo yet?
18 2. Pcmcia isn't loaded. So I had to manually insmod every single driver
19 for the pcmcia stack (the modules were there, hurray!), then insmod the
20 network driver. Worked, but at least it would be nice to have some lines
21 about that in the docu =)
22 Like: insmod path/pcmcia_core
23 insmod path/yenta_socket
24 insmod path/ds
25 insmod path/to/networkdriver
26 3. Install and compile worked well enough (perl was a bit bouncy with
27 some timeout in iolibs?) and I got the system up and running. But...
28 pcmcia again. This packet (in pcmcia-cs of portage) also complains about
29 the missing X (been on the list before, same bug here). So, erasing X
30 from the USE-Variable. Compiles till to the 3c575/tulip, then stops
31 there with an error 2 =P Same error one all three version of the
32 pcmcia-cs package (28, 28-r1 and 29). Suprisingly enough, if I install
33 the package manually (from the tar.gz sources), it worked and compiled
34 fine! Some ebuild problem?
35 4. So, about starting the pcmcia.... I'm totally confused by the new
36 startup scripts. I mean, I'm used to the rc runlevels and stuff. The
37 problem now that I have (AFTER manually installing the pcmcia startup
38 script according to the ebuild AND manually altering the PCIC in it to
39 yenta_socket, as the i8xxx doesn'T work on my laptop (and 2.4.x in
40 general?)): the pcmcia startup script gets called AFTER the network
41 driver is supposed to be loaded by modules. Is there ANY way to change
42 the timing/row of the startup scripts?
43 Currently I manually load the pcmcia modules before the network module
44 in 'modules'. I doubt that is wanted....
45 5. I get every time now I boot a log replay of my reiserfs happens.
46 Also, mount/umount and du don'T work, probably due to the new devfs?
47 Could someone clue me in pleeze how to get my reiserfs consistent every
48 time I (re)boot? I have a baaaad feeling about it, like it doesn't get
49 unmounted properly...
50 6. Yah, and with the yesterday's version of the portage tree I can't
51 compile Xfree. Period, any version. Is that knowen yet? If not, tell me
52 and I look up the exact lines where it bounces out (short after the
53 depencies calculation, I guess)
55 Else this is the newest linux I've seen so far and think it'S nifty. =)
56 Bad luck that r10 came out today. Is it just the hdparm adjustement, and
57 can that be fixed into a r9 too? (reinstalling and recompiling would
58 take again almost at least 1 day =P)
60 Thanks for the toy to play with,
61 Christian
63 PS: Build from Sources docu: code listing 25. Shouldn'T it be
64 net.eth0-dhcp somewhere in there? =) It looks very much the same like
65 code listing 24 ;)


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