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From: Michael & Malania Copeland <mcopeland@××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo linux packages
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 13:08:59
1 Gentoo-tech;
3 I have some newbie questions that I would like to
4 respectfully ask. I learned about Gentoo linux through Jack
5 Kolesar's article about the Shuttle AK35GTR motherboard. I
6 have this motherboard and was intrigued by the use of Gentoo
7 linux. I want to learn more and am willing to "break"
8 things, take them apart, and try to fix them. I am not a C
9 programmer, but I have some basic understanding of linux
10 (when I say basic, I mean BASIC).
12 Anyway, my home internet connection is not broadband, so
13 downloading XFree, KDE, gnome etc. would take a
14 prohibitively long time. I noticed that Linux System Labs
15 has the latest Gentoo linux CD-R. I was wondering if that
16 CD-R included other applications and if not, which CD should
17 I get that has gnome, kde, XFree, mozilla or opera, star
18 office etc. applications?
20 I'm sure you are very busy, so please bear with my newbie
21 questions. I know that getting the source code and
22 compiling the application is probably the best way to ensure
23 compatibility (if that's the right word) with the linux OS
24 installed. Obviously, I know enough to be dangerous to the
25 health of any operating system, but not enough to be
26 terribly useful. Any insight would be appreciated.
28 btw, I registered for the basic linux online course to try
29 to learn something. I have some minimal experience but...
31 Anyway, your insight would be appreciated.
33 Thank you,
35 Michael Copeland


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