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From: Luca Barbato <lu_zero@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: Help offered - Portage tree
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 07:41:50
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Re: Help offered - Portage tree by
1 davecode@××××××××××.net wrote:
2 > Well I'm a newcomer to Gentoo and never heard of Sabayon (great project
3 > btw). Knowing no one here or there, nor any history:
5 great never heard project... Smells troll or dumb fan.
7 > This conversation reminds me of Human Resources. They always have
8 > 'procedures' and 'career tracks.' Gentoo's chitchat about earning gold
9 > stars and brownie points is giving me HR sickness. You're asking
10 > Michael Jordan to prove himself on the high school team.
12 Empty rhetoric.
14 > I've read Gentoo's new dev announcements about monkeys and paper
15 > weights. People with a couple of small open-source projects. The
16 > monkeys and paper weights get CVS rights. Then the chief architect of
17 > Sabayon is scotched over bugzilla output? Please. That smells like bad
18 > fish.
20 No, any people is welcome to contribute to gentoo, as long rules are
21 respected. IFF you want to be a dev, you MUST do the quizzes. It takes
22 about one day (5 hours) to do them all if you want.
24 > When someone as expert as this offers help, take it and make him a fast
25 > lane.
27 Nobody proved us he is an expert. You shouldn't assume.
29 > He is worth ten bugzillas.
31 Are they in the same tune of internets?
33 > Like a scientist once told me - it would be inefficient for him to clean
34 > his office, they have janitors for that.
36 Bad example and non consequential. (BTW: pigs do not count as scientists)
38 > Bugzillas are broken and most Linux people know it.
40 Issue tracking is the _ONLY_ way to make sure at least you know what is
41 going on.
43 > Ubuntu has hundreds of bugs sitting around for years and years.
45 And? We aren't Ubuntu, yet knowing that you have long opened bugs is way
46 better than being oblivious about them (and nothing is preventing others
47 to propose fixes)
49 > Personally: I have stopped filing bugzillas at various places.
51 Please quit as well exploiting our software.
53 > Projects organized around bugzillas are inefficient.
55 Care to backing up this claim? Issue tracking is needed.
57 > Bugzillas are mostly good for non-devs to report bugs. I know zero
58 > developers who first think to themselves, "ok, I need a project
59 > bugzilla...then I can begin writing code." That isn't how development
60 > works.
62 You aren't a developer, for LScube I FIRST set up git roundup(it's an
63 issue tracker like bugzilla) and a completely new website, then I
64 managed to get mailing lists and irc channel.
66 > "So you don't have time to file bugs but you would have time to fix
67 > them" is rhetoric. The issue is ROI. Why file bugzillas that some
68 > "dev" authority figure may or may not fix in two years, when you can fix
69 > the code yourself?
71 You aren't following... IFF you want to be a dev you apply for it like
72 any other guy interested. IFF you want a bug fixed you report it
73 properly using the tools for that: bugzilla.
75 > If you want to call him a Gentoo developer, then do so ASAP, and give
76 > him CVS. He knows what he is doing and filing bugzillas is a waste of
77 > talent. If you let him fix his own bugzillas he might go for that.
79 You aren't supposed to know anything since you:
80 - are a gentoo newcomer (welcome btw)
81 - you don't know anything about Sabayon
83 > Gentoo needs the manpower and blowing it off with HR excuses is really,
84 > really dumb.
86 Informed judgments are better, isn't it.
88 > I can hardly believe what I'm reading.
90 Me too.
92 > It makes me want to cry.
94 Take a tissue.
96 > Maybe I should help Sabayon deploy on PowerPC instead of writing to you guys.
98 You are free to do whatever you want.
100 > I don't really care who misunderstood whom, or who has an attitude problem.
101 > There needs to be a red carpet for people like this.
103 NO, he managed to piss off MOST of the developers, he hadn't prove
104 himself to us beside being a legend on #gentoo-releng, he exploited our
105 work giving headaches back like people lying about their setup on bugzilla.
107 > I would not care if he had a 666 on his head.
109 I'm not discussing his fashion tastes.
111 > You need to attract people like this and if bugzilla isn't working,
112 > think up something new.
114 No, we don't need people rushing solutions that may or may not be:
115 - half backed
116 - clashing with the Gentoo way (the 3-4 things that make working with
117 Gentoo different than working on say... Debian rebuilding apt packages)
119 > If you dislike his CVS mods you can always revert, take votes, etc. But
120 > I say +1 let him have at it.
122 Doesn't work like that, our cvs must be stable, you have a relatively
123 narrow window between syncs to the mirrors and if you make a mistake and
124 don't fix it within that time, users will suffer.
126 lu
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