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From: Stanislav Ochotnicky <sochotnicky@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] app-arch/rpm - a few questions
Date: Wed, 05 May 2010 22:34:28
1 I recently took rpm under my wing and I plan to update it a bit. There
2 is already 4.8.0 masked in tree for testing (go ahead and try if you
3 want, just backup your package db beforehand). I have a few questions
4 for the list though...I would assume a big portion of Gentoo users don't
5 come into contact with rpms that often.
7 >=rpm-4.7 introduced certain changes to rpm files created by them which
8 makes some features unavailable when using older rpm versions. Would you
9 consider this a problem (in other words: are you creating rpms with
10 gentoo and use them someplace else)? 4.7 was released over a year ago so
11 I would say most major rpm-based distributions already support those new
12 features.
14 A bigger question I have for the list is this: We currently have two
15 completely different versions of rpm as one package. See
16 for overview of
17 situation.
19 app-arch/rpm-5* is horse of a different color from 4.* branch yet it
20 still resides in app-arch/rpm. rpm-5* is hard masked since 2008, and it
21 is not supported by any big players (Novell, Red Hat and Mandriva all
22 use rpm-4.* fork). Question is...what to do with it. I could move it to
23 app-arch/rpm5 (a bit weird to have package with only one ebuild that is
24 hard-masked I guess) or simply remove. There is no bug filed against
25 rpm-5, probably because it has been hard-masked all the time. Moreover
26 if I am not mistaken database is not compatible between 4 and 5 so if
27 someone accidentally upgrades...he/she is screwed. That was original
28 reason for masking rpm-5 as far as I know.
30 Summary:
31 1. Do you create rpms with Gentoo and use them someplace else?
32 2. What's your take on (re)moving app-arch/rpm-5?
34 Also any other ideas on use of rpm on Gentoo would be appreciated. For
35 example rpm.eclass is still bit unknown for me for now...I still have to
36 see what's it about :-)
38 Disclaimer: By day I work @ Red Hat, which makes decision about removing
39 rpm-5 all the more complicated for me.
41 --
42 Stanislav Ochotnicky
43 PGP: 0x71A1677C


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