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From: Kent Fredric <kentnl@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] {RFC} Package: namespace on ( for ex: Package:dev-perl/Foo )
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2020 13:24:57
Message-Id: 20200427012442.18cb1d85@katipo2.lan
1 Advantages:
3 - {{package}} template can link to this as well as the page on
4 when it exists
5 - can link to this when it exists
6 - Serves as a good default place for "maintainer down" and
7 inter-maintainer documentation.
8 - Good place to document the sorts of things that don't make sense to
9 rely entirely on einfo and friends, or comments, to document
10 - Very easy to have automated functions in ebuilds for deriving a
11 relevant link to point people to, eg:
13 einfo "See $(package-wiki Testing) for details on comprehensive
14 testing"
16 Which would internally ingest ${CATEGORY}/${PN} and generate the full
17${CATEGORY}/${PN}#Testing link
19 I'm already employing a strategy similar to this for Perl stuff, but
20 stuffing it all in Project:Perl/maint-notes/ has a lot of downsides (
21 which I'll describe later ), and it makes more sense for each node here
22 to be in a top level heirarchy, only grouped as being "perl related"
23 via [[Category]] controls.
25 I believe its also possible that if the right section names and details
26 are used, a general purpose search with SMW #ask can be made that does:
28 - List all packges in Package: which
29 1. Have [[Category:Perl Packages]]
30 2. Have the heading "Testing"
32 And therein, generate a list of pages which are perl related and have
33 specific instructions for testers.
35 Even general purpose pages which testers could skim through could be
36 made that lists all packages in tree with special testing instructions,
37 so when doing testing, one just rips open that list and ^F for the
38 package in question and seeing if there's anything matching.
40 The hard thing, but also a desirable thing, would be to have some way
41 for such pages to automatically have SMW-usable tags extracted from
42 metadata.xml, so that all pages for packages maintained by a given
43 maintainer can be trivially listed.
45 NB: I can't do this myself as it requires patching the source code to
46 add the new namespace.
48 Some of the present downsides of my approach:
50 - Category listings are inherently based on the full path relative to
51 the namespace, so they all index as "Perl/maint-notes/CAT/PN", which
52 is terrible for category listings.
54 - You can hack around this by specifying a "sort key" in your
55 [[Category]] statement, eg: [[Category:Foo|Bar]] in
56 Project:Perl/maint-notes/Bar
58 ... But SMW searches with #ask seem to have no way to make use of this
59 information, and you go back to every result being grouped as "P... "
61 And the category pages themselves still list the individual *entries*
62 with the name in their namespace-relative path, so even if you use the
63 sort-key trick, the output itself is still filled with vast amounts of
64 redundancy.
66 Please Gentoo gods, let me have this thing.
68 I would propose at this point such pages should be gentoo-author
69 editable only, as they're intended to have the similar authority as
70 Project: and friends, and they're not intended to have the same scope
71 as the more general purpose top level pages that are more aimed at
72 general users, instead, these pages are more "internal", to solve the
73 sorts of problems that aren't suitable for stashing away on bugzilla.
75 Only sticky point would be getting edit perms for proxy-maintainers to
76 document their things.