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From: Travis Tilley <lv@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o, amd64@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] hardcoding lib in ebuilds, and using econf without einstall
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 23:01:37
1 supporting configurations where lib64 or lib32 is a directory will
2 probably require a change in policy and a change in the dev quiz
3 regarding the use of hardcoded lib directories in ebuilds and when
4 einstall should be used.
6 problem #1) with hardcoded references to lib, i have to go and fix each
7 ebuild that does this by hand so that it will work with lib64 or lib32.
8 there are a LOT more ebuilds that do this in the tree than i expected.
10 problem #2) after having fixed ncurses so that it's libdir agnostic and
11 can install into lib64, it was updated to have utf-8 support and that
12 update included some more hardcoded references to lib. this broke
13 ncurses for users with lib64, and there was one bug report where a user
14 was unable to run anything linked against ncurses. so if an ebuild is
15 CONF_LIBDIR aware, -all- references should use this variable (or another
16 one set based on whether or not CONF_LIBDIR is set).
18 problem #3) since econf might set libdir now, it's no longer sane to not
19 set libdir during make install, either by setting it in the ebuild or by
20 using einstall. ebuilds that use econf will have
21 --libdir=/usr/${CONF_LIBDIR} when [ -z "${CONF_LIBDIR}" ] (this change
22 is in the in >= portage 2.0.51_pre18), so make install will
23 try to install the libraries to the live filesystem if einstall isnt
24 also used.
26 problem #4) since the stable portage doesnt support CONF_LIBDIR and this
27 variable will not be in all profiles even when it is supported, ebuilds
28 that use this variable must default to setting it to lib. note that not
29 all ebuilds will need to even touch this... anything that uses econf and
30 einstall without using hardcoded lib references in the ebuild is already
31 perfect.
34 none of these problems exist when using econf and einstall, and when
35 you're not messing with libs in the ebuild. all the problems can also be
36 avoided in ebuilds that mess with libs by simply using a variable. if
37 there are any instances where einstall cant be used, that needs to be
38 fixed in einstall so that it can be.
40 so... maybe something like this for an ebuild that needs to install to /lib:
42 pkg_setup() {
43 [ -z "${CONF_LIBDIR}" ] && export CONF_LIBDIR="lib"
44 }
46 src_compile(){
47 econf --libdir=/${CONF_LIBDIR} blah
48 emake
49 }
51 src_install(){
52 einstall
53 cd ${D}/${CONF_LIBDIR}
54 dodir /usr/${CONF_LIBDIR}
55 mv blah blahdiddly moo ${D}/usr/${CONF_LIBDIR}
56 more stuff here
57 }
60 ...though, suggestions for a better way to do this would be appreciated.
61 especially for solving problem #3. i'm going to have to edit econf so
62 that it sees --prefix, sets a variable based on it, and then sets
63 --libdir=/${myprefix}/${CONF_LIBDIR}. that -looks- like the easiest way
64 to handle it to me, with myprefix=usr when --prefix isnt passed.
67 Travis Tilley <lv@g.o>
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